Abbas warns Israel: “The day you Extend your Hand, we’ll Cut it off”

I’ll incense them with a no-folk, Vex them with a nation of fools.




(the israel bible)

August 13, 2020

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What better way to carry your message across than a catchy tune, right? The PA and Fatah know this and have been using music videos for years to disseminate hate and terror messages to Palestinians.

In this music video produced by Fatah, Abbas’ party threatens Israel that Palestinians will “obliterate” “whoever approaches my land” should Israel apply Israeli law to the Jordan Valley and the Jewish towns in the West Bank. In the words of the song: If Israel “extends its hand” to take Palestinian land, that hand will be “cut off.” Fatah promises to “redeem the land with spirit and blood” and “sacrifice souls” while making the “Zionist suffer.” Fatah added another favorite message as well: That “Palestine” is more “precious” than life itself. These messages are accompanied by scenes of violence and riots:

Lyrics: “Woe to you who intends to annex my land…
The day you extend your hand, we’ll cut it off
We’ll redeem the land with spirit and blood…

We are the owners here
And fire will be answered with fire…
If one shot comes out of here, I will return 100
O [PA Chairman] Mahmoud Abbas, we’ll follow you on the path…
By Allah, if we ignite a war – volcanoes, rage, and storm
O Zionist, prepare to suffer the response

We’ll make your men tremble
We’ll sacrifice our souls, we don’t care…
We’ll make you return defeated
In a defeat that you’ll remember your whole life
Our land is more precious than life
If you attack it, the Day of Judgement will come…
Listen, stinky (i.e., Israeli PM Netanyahu) and Trump…
Whoever approaches my land
We’ll obliterate him before he has time to regret”

Posted text on Facebook page:
Created by the Fatah Movement Commission of Information and Culture”

[Facebook page of the Fatah Commission of Information and Culture, July 9, 2020]

As Palestinian Media Watch has documented over the last few months, the PA has broadcast numerous songs to encourage Palestinians to use violence should Israel apply Israeli law to the Jordan Valley and the Jewish towns in the West Bank. PA officials have also promised to return to the “armed struggle” and to launch a “comprehensive intifada” – i.e., a terror campaign.

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