The Hidden Meanings of a Biden-Harris Pairing: Destruction and Messiah

They performed His signs among them, His wonders, against the land of Ham.




(the israel bible)

August 12, 2020

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The presumptive Democratic candidate to run for the presidency, Joe Biden, announced on Tuesday that Senator Kamala Harris will be his running mate.  Their names and the paring of their names has powerful hidden meanings.

Harris’s full name is Kamala Devi Harris. The name was given to her by her mother, an intelligent woman with a Ph.D. who worked in breast cancer research. She named her “Kamala Devi” for religious reasons, as both are the names of Hindu gods.

Rabbi Yekutiel Fish, a noted Kabbalist who blogs under the name Sod HaChashmal; noted that Harris’ husband, Douglas Emhof, is Jewish. 

“This is the way that idolatry becomes accepted,” Rabbi Fish noted. “Through marriage.”

Rabbi Fish compared the marriage to the Biblical union of Cozbi, a Midianite idolatress, who seduced Zimri, a leader of a family within the Tribe of Simeon. According to Jewish tradition, the two had relations inside the Tabernacle as wanton sexuality was one form of serving idolatry. 

“This, the worst form of idolatry, is still being practiced today,” Rabbi Fish said. “Despite western liberalism claiming to be advanced culture, they insist that unbridled sexuality, giving into our bases animal desires, is high culture.”

Rabbi Fish noted that this form of idolatry brought a plague into the congregation of Israel which continued until Pinchas killed both Cozbi and Zimri, similar to the coronavirus today.

Rabbi Fish also noted that in Hebrew, ‘Harris’ (הריס) means ‘destruction’. 

“The addition of the letter ‘yud’ indicates that the destruction will come from God,” Rabbi Fish pointed out. He then noted that the ‘Biden’ (בידן) can be slightly rearranged to spell B’Din (בדין), meaning ‘in judgment’.

The rabbi noted that Harris’ name as it is spelled in the Hebrew media (קמלה האריס) in gematria (Hebrew numerology) equals 451. The rabbi noted that the gematria of Melech Ha’Moshiach (מלח המשיח), the king Messiah, is 441. 

“She is the Messiah without the ‘yud’, without God,” Rabbi Fish said, He noted that the gematria of her opponent’s name, Donald Trump (דונלד טראמף), is 424, equalling Moshiach ben David (משיח בן דוד), the Messiah from the house of David.

“Either way, whichever side wins, the Moshiach [Messiah] will arrive,” Rabbi Fish said. “But if it comes in one way, it will be without the world attaching themselves to God, Even more so the opposite. Choosing one path is a clear choice of a world that does not recognize God as the master, which is the condition of the Messiah. The other choice is recognizing God as the master and his kingdom on earth.

The rabbi noted that the gematria of ‘Joe Biden’  (גיו בידן) is 85. Joe Biden plus Kamala Harris (451) equals 536.

“536 is a powerful number,” Rabbi Fish said. “It is the gematria of Kan Tzippor (קן ציפור), a nest of a bird. An especially enigmatic section of the Zohar relates that the Messiah will come from the ‘nest of a bird.” This also hints at apostasy since a great sage, Rabbi Elisha ben Abuye, became an apostate after witnessing a boy dying directly after performing the mitzvah [commandment] of sending the mother bird from her nest before taking the eggs.”

Rabbi Fish emphasized that since we were in the final days before Messiah, the end is clear but it remains for each individual to choose which role he will play. 

“Many hidden sages are saying now that one way or the other, Trump is the end,” Rabbi Fish said. “Either he wins and we have a little more time to repent or he loses and that is it. It is not by chance that the elections come right after the holidays. Five weeks after Yom Kippur, the day of judgment, the US goes to elections. And it may also be that Israel will have yet another as well. We know that on Yom Kippur, the world is on the scales of judgment but this year that is especially clear. You must choose where you are standing on the day of judgment.”

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