Trump Blessed By Sephardi Rabbis

To You who give victory to kings, who rescue His servant David from the deadly sword.




(the israel bible)

August 10, 2020

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On Sunday, President Trump attended a private fundraiser in memory of Stanley Chera, an early and generous supporter of Trump’s presidential campaign. The fundraiser was held at the home of Chera in Long Branch, New Jersey. Chera, who passed way in April from the coronavirus, was a leader in the Syrian Jewish community. Admission to the fundraiser cost between $5,600 and $250,000.

Chaim Chera, the son of Stanley and the host of the event, introduced the president, adding on a personal note that after his father’s passing, the president called his family “every single day, to do everything in your power to help your friend Stanley.” Chera emphasized that the president was fighting a war against the coronavirus, “an invisible enemy recklessly or maliciously released onto our shores from China.” Chera went on to describe the president as a “real friend” of his father, while describing him also as “the greatest president in our country’s history.”

Chera related how his father’s faith in Trump’s candidacy was based on his simple descriptive axiom: “My friend Donald doesn’t play a game he doesn’t win.”

Chera then introduced a group of rabbis he described as “very, very esteemed holy men”  to bless the president. Trump approached the podium to wild cheers of, “Four more years.” The rabbis then recited the blessing for the peace and prosperity of the government which begins with a verse from Psalms

To You who give victory to kings, who rescue His servant David from the deadly sword. Psalms 144:10

In a video tweeted out by Jewish Insider, Trump promises the sitting crowd of supporters — some of whom rise to their feet — that the White House will reach some sort of agreement with Iran within a month of Election Day if he wins re-election.

“If we win, we will have a deal with Iran within four weeks,” he says in the video.

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