This Organization is helping IDF Soldiers while they Ready for War Against Lebanon

When you take the field against your enemies, and see horses and chariots—forces larger than yours—have no fear of them, for Hashem your God, who brought you from the land of Egypt, is with you.




(the israel bible)

August 6, 2020

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The Israeli military announced that there had been a “security incident” in the Har Dov region on the Israeli border with Lebanon and Syria on Monday afternoon. Media reported a heavy exchange of fire and explosions as residents in northern Israel were told to remain in their houses.

Several terrorists were observed by the IDF approaching the border near the Gladiola outpost. When the terrorists were a few meters inside Israeli territory, the IDF forces opened fire, hitting all the terrorists. The IDF announced that all the enemy forces were killed. During the incident, it is believed that the terrorists attempted to launch an anti-tank missile at the IDF forces .The IDF responded with heavy shelling inside Lebanon by artillery and tank forces, as well as airstrikes.

No injuries on the Israeli side are reported thus far.

Lebanese media reported a two-stage attack against Israel. The first incident was an infiltration attempt with the goal of deploying explosive charges. The second incident involved firing an anti-tank missile at IDF forces. A reporter for the Hezbollah-affiliated Al Manar network later reported that Israel was attacking in the area of Kfarchouba, on the Lebanese side of the border, north of Har Dov.

Although the incident is largely over, tension between Israel and Lebanon remains high. And Israel’s troops are readying for the potential of another war on the northern border which means that this is the time to support those troops both on and off the battlefield. 

The Libi organization is doing just that. 

American Friends of LIBI ensures that every lone IDF soldier who drafts into the Israeli army is well taken care of any time they go off base.For instance, Libi launched a new program that provides fully furnished apartments for lone soldiers on leave. 

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The organization provides over 100 apartments throughout Israel where lone soldiers can live on a permanent basis. The apartments, also known as “Bayit Cham” or “Warm House” are maintained by a professional staff providing maintenance, food to stock the fridge and other household supplies.

For the soldiers, the apartment and its upkeep is free of charge. But for Libi – the organization providing it, it’s not. 

That’s why Libi depends on friends of Israel worldwide to support their efforts in providing homes and all its amenities to Israel’s bravest. In other words, now can be your chance to donate. Help Libi help Israel’s soldiers. You can do that by donating to the Libi organization.

Empower the IDF. They’re defending God’s land against its enemies. Let’s show them some love by donating to Libi today.

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