‘Palestinian mothers have 10-15 children, they’re willing to sacrifice two or three fighting Israel’

I’ll incense them with a no-folk, Vex them with a nation of fools.




(the israel bible)

July 23, 2020

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Palestinian scholar Mahmoud al-Shajrawi said during a recent interview with Turkey’s Channel 9 TV that the Jews will never give the Palestinians land on which they can establish a Palestinian state, because they are “tight fisted,” as detailed in the Koran.

Al-Shajrawi, a member of the Palestine Scholars Association in the Diaspora, said in the July 14 interview that “the proponents of the Oslo Accords have by now realized that these accords will not be implemented, and that the independent Palestinian state they have been dreaming about for 28 years, the Jews will never give them anything of the sort.”

He went on to say that “Allah has made the Jews tight-fisted. They do not give anyone anything, so how could we expect them to give the Palestinians a state?”

Only those unfamiliar with the “nature of the Jews in the Koran”could believe the Jews would be “realistic” and grant the Palestinians “part of Palestine.”

The only way to get something from the Jews, he said, was to take it by force. This, he explained, was why the Koran says “They were covered with humiliation and misery.”

“This is the way,” said al-Shajrawi. “We should afflict them with humiliation and misery.”

While some believe the Palestinians are “tired” and no longer have the will to do so, he said, Palestinian mothers have “five, six, 10 and even 15 children,” and are willing to “sacrifice one, two, or three as martyrs.” This, he said, would be considered “zakat” (mandatory charity) paid by the family the sake of “teaching the Zionist enemy a lesson.”

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