Egyptian Military Convenes to Discuss Invading Libya in Potential Showdown with Turkey

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July 20, 2020

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The Egyptian parliament will meet on Monday to discuss President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi’s decision to send ground troops into Libya reports Aawsat.

The president, who is also the military’s chief of staff, still needs the approval of two-thirds of Cairo’s lawmakers as well as a recommendation from the national defense council before deploying military forces into combat missions on foreign soil.

Sisi led a meeting on Sunday for the council to discuss the developments taking place in Libya as part of Egyptian efforts to “maintain the current frontlines” and prevent either side from breaching those red lines. The stated objective is to keep the peace between all Libyan parties involved.

In June, Sisi categorized the cities of Sirte and Jufra as “red lines” that mustn’t be crossed. Any encroachment on these cities would compel Egypt to intervene in order to safeguard its national security, he added.

Sunday’s defense council meeting included the parliament speaker, prime minister as well as top officials from the defense and military ministry, military commanders, intelligence chief, foreign affairs minister, finance and interior ministers.

In a statement, the president underscored that Cairo “will not spare any effort” in supporting Libya and helping its people overcome the crisis. Libya is among the “top priorities of Cairo’s foreign policy” and its security is “integral to Egyptian and Arab national security.”

The president also expressed his commitment to a political solution to the crisis that would ensure Libya’s sovereignty and national unity, restoration of state institutions as well as the “elimination of terrorism and criminal and extremist militias.” Hinting at a potential confrontation with Turkey, the statement said that the solution would end “illegal meddling” in Libyan internal affairs which are only exacerbating the crisis and “threatening neighboring countries and international peace.”

Last month, Breaking Israel News reported on Egyptian tanks that were amassing on Libya’s border. Actually crossing into Libya would be a dramatic escalation.

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