Netanyahu Jr: Israel’s Left are ‘Mixed Multitude’ Serving Pedophiles

“Moreover, a mixed multitude went up with them, and very much livestock, both flocks and herds.”




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July 15, 2020

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The Prime Minister’s outspoken son fired back at critics on the left by identifying their place in Israel as the “Mixed Multitude.” Several prominent rabbis agree with the young Netanyahu’s assessment, noting that the defeat of the left-wing is a necessary stage that precedes the Final redemption.

Tuesday evening was a turbulent time in Israel as several protests around the country called for social reform. Several people were arrested as hundreds of people blocked the tracks of the Jerusalem light rail in the center of Jerusalem.  Police used water hoses to disperse the crowds.

One protest held in front of the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem called on Netanyahu to resign over charges of corruption. Two demonstrators were arrested trying to break through security barriers. 


Netanyahu was indicted in January for bribery, fraud, and breach of trust in three cases. The next trial date at Jerusalem district court is set for Sunday. Under Israeli law, a sitting prime minister is only required to resign if convicted of a criminal offense with all appeals exhausted.

A protest on Saturday night in Jerusalem claimed the government had mishandled the economic implications of the coronavirus. The protest turned violent as rioters attacked police.

A woman identified as “Ayelet” tweeted criticism of the anti-Netanyahu protests, writing, “Today, I am ashamed to be Israel.”

Yair Netanyahu tweeted his response: “You have no reason to be ashamed. They are not Israelis. They are the mixed multitude that work for the Germans and pedophiles.”

Yair Netanyahu was probably referring to left-wing former Prime Minister Ehud Barak who has been implicated due to his connections with the now-deceased millionaire pedophile and sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

The Erev Rav ( עֵרֶב רַב, mixed multitude) was a group that included Egyptians and others who had joined the Tribes of Israel on The Exodus. According to Jewish tradition, they were accepted by Moses as an integral part of the people. Their influence is said to have been involved in the golden calf and other incidents where the people questioned Moses and his laws.

Moreover, a mixed multitude went up with them, and very much livestock, both flocks and herds. Exodus 12:38

The number of the Erev Rav was in the hundreds of thousands according to most commentators.

According to Rabbi Isaac Luria Ashkenazi, a 16th-century mystic known by the acronym ‘Arizal’, in every generation, the souls of the Erev Rav are reincarnated in numerous individuals.

 The Zohar, which is the foundational text for Kabbalistic thought, writes that the Erev Rav not only exists in each generation, but it continues to be the cause for most of the problems affecting the Jewish people. Currently, the term “Erev Rav” is used by Jews in a derogatory manner describing someone who is perceived as a traitor. The Zohar says that as long as the Erev Rav exists, the Final Redemption cannot come. The Erev Rav are not interested in the welfare of Israel. They are only concerned about what the nations of the world think even if it comes at the expense of the Jewish nation.

The Vilna Gaon further describes the Erev Rav as people who are argumentative and egotistical. They run after money and honor and they are dishonest in that what they say is not necessarily how they feel.

Many modern rabbis agree with Yair Netanyahu in identifying the Israeli left-wing with the Mixed multitude. In a previous interview with Breaking Israel News, Rabbi Pinchas Winston, a prominent end of days expert, noted that even in Biblical times, the mixed multitude appeared like normal members of the society without any external signs identifying them as evil.

“If you went back in time to the Exodus, you would have been shocked to see that many of the mixed multitude were good husbands and fathers, and very nice people,” Rabbi Winston said. “But they literally worshipped evil.”

“Arabs, or Yishmael, are not the problem,” Rabbi Winston explained. “Their purpose as the name Yishmael (God will hear) implies, is to get us to cry out to God. From the moment we left Egypt, the mixed multitude used all of their guile to pull people away from the Torah and to grab control. The mixed multitude is the real enemy in the end of days. Their job is to confuse everyone.”

“This is their last throes before the end,” he said, noting the massive unrest around the world caused by the left-wing.

Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, a Torah Codes expert, the political conflict between the left-wing and the right-wing is a mystical war that has Biblical roots. According to the rabbi, hidden clues in the Bible indicate that the left-Wing will be defeated as a precursor to the Messiah.

“It is not by chance that the left-wing is named as they are,” Rabbi Glazerson said to Breaking Israel News. “In Kabbalistic (mystical) terms, the left signifies din (judgment), which is characterized by limitation, or contraction.”

“The erev rav were responsible for the sin of the Golden Calf. Rather than worship the God of Israel who has no physical form but fills the world with spirit, they wanted a strictly material god, a smaller god that could be contained. This is din, the left wing in Kabbalah that is contraction and limiting. But with the Golden Calf, they were trying to limit God. This is precisely the materialist philosophy that has taken over the universities.”

“The Zohar (the seminal source for Jewish mysticism) states that in the end of days, the erev rav will be the heads of Israel, ruling over the courts and learning institutions, even over Torah learning,” Rabbi Glazerson said. “Elohim, the name for God that represents judgment, also represents nature. They have taken God out of nature.”

Rabbi Glazerson said that the left-wing combines the forces of Samael with Amalek.

“Samael is the angel of Amalek. The gematria (Hebrew numerology) of Samael, 131, plus the gematria of Amalek, 240, totals 371,” Rabbi Glazerson pointed out. “This precisely equals the gematria of smole (left). The left takes its strength from both Samael and from Amalek.”

“Anything that lessens life in the world is against Torah and against Moshiach as per the contractive nature of the left side of din,” Rabbi Glazerson said. “The left-wing promotes these things, like abortion, homosexuality, and euthanasia. They condemn the IDF in its battle against groups that openly call for death. The left claims they are doing it out of love and caring, but it is really because they draw their essence from the left side.”

“This attachment to lifelessness has to be overcome for the Moshiach to come,” Rabbi Glazerson said. “The Moshiach will bring t’chiyat ha’matim, (resurrection of the dead), a miraculous increase of life.”


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