Mystic Rabbi: “Messiah on the Way Whether Jews Return or Not”

July 12, 2020

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Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, a well-known mystic rabbi whose predictions have frequently come true, gave a chilling lesson several weeks ago that is beginning to garner attention on social media.

“The Creator of the World, Father in Heaven, Master of the Universe, is calling to Jews all over the world. God is saying to you, ‘Dear Jews…listen carefully, God is saying to you, to the Jews all over the world, they are going to kill you. Antisemitism, the non-Jews are going to kill you. God will not stop it. He will not stop it. He stopped it for thousands of years until He gave a terrible blow by the Nazis, may God erase their names and their memories. And then the state of Israel was established in 1948.”

“And God says to all the Jews, that the non-Jews are coming to murder you; in Europe, in Australia, and in North and South America and in the United States.”

“Sell your houses there and all your property and come to live in the Holy Land. Your lives are worth more than your money.

“If not, you are in mortal danger. Do not say, ‘It will not happen to me, nothing will happen.’”

“Also in America, there was nothing and suddenly it all erupted like a volcano. 80% of the Jews, they smashed their businesses. And they will continue to destroy the Jews’ businesses. And the police will also turn on the Jews. They’ll be like robbers.”

“This has already happened in the US. They turned, the police ran away and in one city they took the law into their own hands. “

“This is going to happen in every place in the world because God is calling to the Jews. When God commands the Jews, commands the Jews in the Diaspora to come to Israel, commands them and they do not come, He is going to chase them with lions and tigers. That is anti-Semitism. In order to help them come to Israel. “


“It will be such a waste for you to be killed by the crazy non-Jews in America and all over.”

“Do not come complaining that you weren’t warned. They are going to hit you hard all over the world. Jews, there are eight billion non-Jews in the world and you are only 30 million. Not even one-percent! Nothing.”

“So God is asking, begging the Jews: ‘Do not make me do this. I will no longer protect you. The Shechina (Holy presence) has left the Diaspora.’”

“Take the Torah scrolls from all the synagogues of the world. Bring them to Israel and come to Israel. Sell your houses at any price. Dear Jews, understand God’s clues. You won’t hear his voice but understand His clues.”

“Go! Run from the Diaspora.”

“Theory said in the news that within three years, 250,000 Jews will arrive. God says that three million Jews will arrive. Not 250,000. Ten million Jews should come now. God has a work plan. There is a Messiah who is due to come to light. God determined from the creation of the world the exact date the Messiah will be revealed. Because the Messiah is progressing towards His ultimate revelation. Completely revealed!”

“In order to shorten the time frame, because the People of Israel did not manage to repent as they should have all these years.”

“He brought the coronavirus-He’s creating pressure bringing floods to the world. He’s bringing harsh antisemitism to the Jews of the world so that they will repent and come to Israel in order to shorten the time.”

“Because the time has come He will not wait for all the Jews in the Diaspora. He is doing everything so that they will not say, ‘Why didn’t you let us know? Why didn’t you warn us? Why is the Messiah suddenly in Israel and we didn’t know about it?’”

“Well, God has informed them of it all. God is promising all the Jews that come to Israel, ‘You will suffer a little bit. You will kiss the holy ground of Israel. You will live in Caravans. You will settle the Negev. A million Jews in the Negev, a million Jews in the Western Galilee, and another million Jews in the Shomron (Samaria) and Binyamin, and in the Golan, and the Jordan Valley, and in the Coastal Plain.”

“You will all come. Not 250,000 in a few years. I don’t have time for your stupidity. Millions will come to Israel. They will live wherever they will live. They will shut their mouths and receive their lives as a gift. They will have enough food to live their lives with dignity. Messiah is on the way. He will emerge. Whether they all come or don’t, Messiah will emerge.”

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