Iran Warns Israel: Taking Credit for Nuclear Explosions seen as ‘Security’ Breach

July 8, 2020

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Iran on Tuesday warned Israel against creating “norm-breaking narratives” regarding attacks on its nuclear facilities, saying that doing so crossed a “red line.”

Referring to the recent explosion at its underground Natanz nuclear enrichment facility, Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei said, “The Israeli regime should be aware that creation of norm-breaking narrative on any attack against our nuclear facilities, even if it’s only propaganda, is considered as stepping in the path of violating red lines of global peace and security,” according to the Tehran Times.

Israel has not commented on last week’s explosion at Natanz, one in a series of mysterious blasts in the country recently, but Iran has publicly suggested it could be attributed to the United States or Israel. The New York Times has quoted a Middle Eastern intelligence official as saying that Israel was behind the attack.

According to U.S.-based experts, the explosion targeted a centrifuge manufacturing plant located above the Natanz enrichment facility, and may have dealt the Iranian nuclear program a significant blow.

Rabiei denied that enrichment activities at the site had been affected, and vowed that nothing would stop Iran’s “peaceful” nuclear activities.

“This incident has not had any effect on the process of uranium enrichment, and the Natanz facilities are active as before; Iran’s nuclear activities are peaceful and despite hostilities of enemies, it is unstoppable,” he said, according to the Tehran Times.

“After the incident, some media outlets tried to create a powerful image for the Israeli regime and attributed the incident to it while officials of the usurper regime have refused to accept responsibility,” the government spokesman added. The report went on to state that “Some analysts are of the opinion Israel is seeking to misuse the incident and attribute it to itself.”

This article first appeared in Israel Hayom.

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