The Vatican’s Replacement Theology is Manifested in their Opposition to Israeli Sovereignty

July 5, 2020

2 min read

Much of world history culminates with Israel’s desire to restore (not impose) Jewish sovereignty over Judea-Samaria, which was taken from us by the European Romans, bequeathed to the Byzantines, and then with some back and forth, captured by the Muslims.

The Original Ownership and claims cannot be denied, and are based on both religious and historical records and traditions.

The New Testament Christian Bible has stories of Jesus at the Jewish Temple, the Koran (and Muslim writings) discuss the Bait Al Makdis.
Also, from the Vatican it is less than an hour walk, and a 20 minute drive, to the Colosseum and the Arch of Titus.

Two of the most iconic and celebrated European Monuments, for Jews a very sad place.

The Arch of Titus is symbolic of the Jews taken into captivity, with the Temple destroyed and the Temple artifacts taken to Rome – to the Caesar. In fact, this defeat of the Jews (which also implied the defeat of Hashem by the Pagan Roman Gods), led the Roman Senate to declare Titus a God, a deity.

The Colosseum, the largest stadium from antiquity, was financed with the plunder from Jerusalem, and built by thousands of Jewish slaves. Upon completion of the stadium – which was later used for murderous entertainment and Pagan worship – most of the Jewish construction slaves were slaughtered.

Now the Vatican has “summoned” Israel to show its dismay at Israel’s desire to restore Jewish sovereignty over Judea-Samaria, just as we did for Jerusalem many years ago, and recently recognized by the US Government.

The Vatican has only one goal.

They want to salvage their religion, and the basis of their religion is that they have replaced the Jews – and that they have a new and improved Covenant with God.

The way to show this is to ensure that Jews remain a suffering people, in every way imaginable.

Jewish and Israeli strength puts fear into the hearts of the Catholic world, because it shows that the Jews have returned, with full evidence that the Biblical Covenant between the Jewish People and God is in full force.

This is not a mere battle for “Palestinian Rights” or a “Two State Solution” – which no one really cares about.

This issue goes to the very heart and soul of the world, and the primacy of Christianity over the world.

On a slightly different topic, the reason that the Muslims oppose Israel are for many of the same reasons of the Christians, with the added caveat that Israel’s existence prevents the Muslims from dominating and taking over the world.

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