Israel365 Plants 100 Trees Establishing Beginnings of Trump Forest in Golan

July 3, 2020

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Prophecy materialized on Thursday in the Golan as Israel365, an NGO dedicated to connected Christians who support Israel with the object of their love, went into the field to plant 100 trees, the first installment in a forest, adjacent to the soon-to-be-realized Trump Heights. The positive act of growth comes in the wake of destruction: the defacing of the sign signifying the powerful connection between Israel and America. When completed, the town and forest will stand defiantly in the shadow of the Syrian Mountains, a testament to the power of the alliance between Israel and the US.

Trump Heights was a site designated in 2019 for a planned community in the northern Golan. The site was named to honor the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, in recognition of the many things he has done to solidify the deep spiritual connection between the two countries. The site was chosen after the president recognized Israeli sovereignty over the vital region. At this stage, 110 housing units are planned.

trump sign vandalism (Photo Breaking Israel News)

The sign honoring the president at the proposed site was unveiled last June and became an instant hit as thousands of tourists traveled to the remote location to be photographed in front of the physical representation of the Israel-US alliance. But this stopped entirely a few months ago due to pandemic travel restrictions. Hater of Israel and the US took the opportunity to desecrate the sign, removing all but two letters from the sign.

The regional; council decided to double down, fixing the sign and dedicating a plaza and art installation adjacent to the sign. 

Tuly Weisz, the head of Israel365, decided that this holy connection needed to be embodied in a symbol that could not be so easily desecrated, a symbol that would grow and become stronger with time. Thus began the idea behind the forest adjacent to Trump Heights. The idea is not new and Israel365 has been planting trees in important areas of the Biblical heartland for several years, planting new forests as well as replacing trees destroyed by arson. Their efforts have added 10,000 trees to the landscape of the Holy Land, all quietly growing as prophecy predicted they would. This visible reminder of the connection between Israel and the US is important and, God, willing, will continue to grow and flourish for generations to come. For this reason, Israel365 is offering many appealing incentives to take part in the effort, including certificates honoring donors, Trump tribute coins, and an exclusive replica of the iconic sign

But this was their first venture into the Golan, 12 miles from the border with Syria. Not only was this a part of Biblical Israel known as the Bashan, granted to the tribe of Menashe, but the area is vital for Israel’s security and to ensure its water sources. About 40 miles from north to south, and an average of 12 miles from east to west, it is a relatively small region. Despite its size, the Golan Heights is very important, supplying Israel with over one-third of its water. In the period between the first Arab–Israeli War and the Six-Day War, the Syrians constantly harassed Israeli border communities by firing artillery shells from their dominant positions on the Golan Heights.

In cooperation with the Golan Regional Council, Israel365 arranged for an irrigation infrastructure to be installed where none had ever existed. A small tractor was brought in to prepare the holes for the saplings as the soil of the Golan is especially hard and rocky.

Regional Council Head Chaim rokach and Rabbi Tuly Weisz (Photo Breaking Israel News)

Chaim Rokach, head of the regional council, noted that the are selected had never been cultivated in modern times and it was fitting that the preparations would be so difficult.

“The soil is like the people; hard to ‘get to know’, but once they take root, you will never remove them,” Rokach said as he took up a hoe to help plant.

The difficult preparation was carried out in blazing heat by Amitai Elon, a local farmer. Amitai is the son of Rabbi Benny Elon, who,  as Minister of Tourism, reached out to the Christian world when Jewish–Christian relations were still very strained, establishing  Israel Allies Foundation and helping to establish  Knesset Christian Allies Caucus.

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