Water in Trump’s Fountain in Israel Turns ‘Blood-Red’ [Watch]

June 29, 2020

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On Monday morning, it was discovered that vandals dyed the water in the fountain at  Donald Trump Square in Petach Tikva a vivid red with graffiti stating, “annexation will cost us blood” on the ground in front of the fountain.

The mayor of Petach Tikva, Rami Greenberg ordered an investigation into the incident. Security camera footage is being inspected and a complaint will be filed against the perpetrators.

“The vandalization of public property is a nefarious act, which must be ripped out by its roots,” said Greenberg. “We as a municipality will act to exhaust all proceedings against the vandals, in both the criminal and civil spheres. As we have practiced until today, every person who graffitis who we can find, we will take care to file complaints against him with the police even civil suits, in order to place upon him the financial damages caused by the destruction they sowed on public property.”

The vote on whether on annexing parts of Judea and Samaria will be brought to the Knesset on Wednesday. The vote comes as a result of a coalition deal between Netanyahu, head of the Likud Party, and his political opponent, Benny Gantz, head of the Blue and White Party. As per the agreement, the government can pursue annexation of 132 Jewish cities and towns and the Jordan Valley. This represents 30 % of the West Bank allocated to Israel under the Trump administration’s peace plan. The plan also conditionally provides for a Palestinian state on the remaining 70% of the territory. 

The plan, which is consistent with the 1967 UN Resolution 242 concerning Judea and Samaria, was rejected outright by the Palestinian Authority which cut off relations with both the US and Israel over the proposal. Many politicians in the Democratic Party have also come out against the plan, which, unlike previous proposals for the creation of a Palestinian state, does not call for ethnically cleansing the region and allows Jews to continue living in Judea and Samaria. 

Trump Square was inaugurated almost exactly one year ago, on the Fourth of July, to thank Trump for his support of Israel and in particular, for his recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in 2017. The square is located near the city’s municipal building and includes a fountain with an illuminated sculpture incorporating the Israeli and American flags. A sign describes the US president as “the first to acknowledge Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel.”

Rabbi Nachman Kahana, the founder of the Center for Kohanim, decried the act of vandalism.

“What specifically they did is irrelevant,” Rabbi Kahana said.”What bothers me is that these people, these Jews, are copying the worst elements of the United States.”

Rabbi Kahana compared the defacing of the tribute monument to the recent wave of vandalism targeting historic monuments in the US and Europe.

“Thes Israelis are copying anarchists who just want to bring down civilization. The Israelis are copying the worst, the destructive elements that western civilization has to offer rather than the multitude of good things.”

The rabbi emphasized that this inclination to copy the bad aspects of foreign cultures is a trait that has plagued the Jews since Biblical times.

“In the times of the Judges, the Jews copied idolatry,” Rabbi Kahana said. “Just like idolatry, this defacing of a monument, a tribute to an ally, is not a Jewish thing. It is Jes copying the worst of the nations.”

The Jews have always had a phobia and wanted the non-Jews to love us. Jacob wanted Esau to love him. Rather than be proud of being Jews, they thought that security could come through acting like the worst of the non-Jews in the hopes they would love us. But it never worked and usually ended either in disaster or in assimilation.”

“What we are seeing today is that the antidote for anti-Semitism if to come to Israel and do God’s will. For the first time in history, some non-Jews love us because this is what we are doing.”

“An authentic Jew would praise Trump as one of the righteous from the nations. A real Jew would wash in the fountain, jump in the water and have a good time, all while remembering the good things the US has done for Israel. Acknowledging the good things that someone does for you is a necessary Jewish attribute.”


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