Forget Corona: A Second Wave of Aliyah is Headed Israel’s Way

June 18, 2020

2 min read

The Corona crisis has irreversibly changed the relationship between Israel and the Jewish Diaspora.

First – some history.

There have been events in the past which electrified and excited the international Jewish communities.  When Israel was founded, it gave the Jews a self confidence they haven’t enjoyed since anyone could remember.

Then came the Six Day War, which resulted in a movement of Jewish renewal.  Suddenly people who you didn’t know were Jews, began to wear Kippot, the Soviet Jews felt the spark of hope, and much more.

Then came Entebbe.  All Jews felt Israel’s hopelessness while over 100 Jews were stuck in the middle of Africa, about to be murdered without mercy.  Then, on 4 July 1976, as the world was about to celebrate the Bicentennial of the United States, all headlines proudly proclaimed that the hostages were safe following one of the most daring military operations in history.


The Jews of the Diaspora feel abandoned, despised and hated by their host countries.  Jews died of Corona at a disproportionate rate, and no Jew feels safe.  The economies are battered, and Jews are being hit hard.

Israel today is seen as a beacon of hope.  Our leadership took care of the population unlike any other country in the world.  There is hope of a quick and full economic recovery, and we don’t have rioters destroying and looting Jewish owned businesses.

Also, the efforts Israel invested in bringing back stranded Israelis from every corner of the world, was truly amazing.

The Diaspora Jews can no longer see themselves as living in the advanced countries, while Israel is a second rate country.

The tables have been turned and cannot turn back.  Israel today is the beacon of hope for ALL Jews, and this is the only place Jews can truly feel safe.

Corona has imparted a spirit of nationalism among Israelis, where we are prouder than ever before.

Get ready to welcome a large wave of Aliyah.

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