10 Important Biblical Sites in Danger of Destruction Under Trump’s Peace Plan

June 17, 2020

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As Trump’s Deal of the Century approaches, Jewish residents throughout Judea and Samaria are expressing a great deal of cautious pessimism. That’s because many of their towns and communities are slated to be isolated and surrounded by a hostile Palestinian state.

But it’s not only modern civilizations being placed in danger under the terms of the deal. Ancient civilizations, more specifically, Biblical archaeological sites will essentially be handed over to the PA once the agreement is implemented. Unfortunately the PA not only has a reputation of preventing Jews from accessing Biblical sites under their control, but also one of outright destroying them as well.

The following is a list of just some of the vital Biblical sites that will be engulfed by the PA according to the Deal of the Century.

  1. 1. Altar of Joshua

On Mt. Ebal, next to Mt. Gezirim and just north of the city of Shechem in Samaria, lies Joshua’s Altar as mentioned in Joshua 8. This was the altar that Joshua built when he entered the land of Israel.

At that time Yehoshua built a mizbayach to Hashem, the God of Yisrael, on Har Eival, (Joshua 8:30)

The site, under Trump’s Peace Plan, will fall under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority. Below is footage of the site.

2. Joseph’s Pit

The location believed to have been the pit where Josph was thrown into by his brothers (Wikipedia)

Located a few miles southwest of Jenin, Tel Dothan, otherwise known as Joseph’s Pit, is initially mentioned in the Bible as the place where Jacob’s sons sold their youngest brother Joseph, to the Ishmaelite merchants:

The man said, “They have gone from here, for I heard them say: Let us go to Dothan.” So Yosef followed his brothers and found them at Dothan.(Gen. 37:17).

It is then mentioned as the home of Elisha and the place where a vision of chariots and horses of fire placed the mountain on which the city stood under siege.

“Go find out where he is,” he said, “so that I can have him seized.” It was reported to him that [Elisha] was in Dothan (2 Kings 6:13)

Under under Trump’s Peace Plan, Tel Dothan will fall under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority.

3. Maon


Ancient Maon (Wikipedia)

Located in the southern Hebron Hills, Maon is an ancient Jewish village that was settled by the tribe of Judah. It is also mentioned as a place where King Shaul pursued David.

There was a man in Maon whose possessions were in Carmel. The man was very wealthy; he owned three thousand sheep and a thousand goats. At the time, he was shearing his sheep in Carmel. (Samuel 1 25:2)

Under under Trump’s Peace Plan, Maon will fall under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority.

4. Tel Tekoa

Tel Tekoa is a massive mound standing 825 meters above sea ​​level. The site stands between the Dead Sea and Bethlehem. In the Bible, Tekoa was the residence of one of two women considered to be “wise,” both appearing in the Book of Samuel:

The woman of Tekoa came to the king, flung herself face down to the ground, and prostrated herself. She cried out, “Help, O king!” (Samuel 2 14:4)

Under under Trump’s Peace Plan, Tel Tekoa will fall under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority.

5. Ancient Sebastia

ancient Sebastia (Shutterstock)

Just outside of the Samarian city of Shechem, Sebastia served as the capital of the biblical Kingdom of Israel in the 8th and 9th centuries B.C.E. King Omri built Sebastia as the capital of Israel in 879 BCE, following his reign in Tirzah.

Then he bought the hill of Shomron from Shemer for two kikarim of silver; he built [a town] on the hill and named the town which he built Shomron, after Shemer, the owner of the hill. (Kings 1 16:24)

Both Alexander the great and King Herod have all left their marks on the site. Under under Trump’s Peace Plan, Sebastia will fall under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority.

6. Hyrcania


Hyrkania (courtesy: Wikipedia)

Situated in the Judean Desert between Jerusalem and Qumran, Hyrcania was used to stage an uprising against Herod led by the sister of Antigonus, Herod’s former rival who he had executed. The fortress became notoriously known as a place where Herod imprisoned and killed his enemies. This included his son and heir to the throne, Antipater. Under under Trump’s Peace Plan, Hyrcania will fall under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority.

7. Tel Hebron

Tel Hebron is an ancient site in Hebron featuring remnants of ritual baths in the city’s Jewish community. The site also features artifacts from the Canaanite and ancient Israelite periods. In the Bible, Hebron is the location where Abraham purchased the tomb of the Patriarchs for the burial of his wife Sarah.

 Let him sell me the cave of Machpelah that he owns, which is at the edge of his land. Let him sell it to me, at the full price, for a burial site in your midst.” (Genesis 23:9)

Under under Trump’s Peace Plan, Tel Hebron will fall under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority.

8. Tel Aroma 

The Tel Aroma Fortress is the northernmost of eight fortresses established by the Hasmonean Kingdom to protect Israel’s eastern border. It is situated on a commanding ridge that controls the passage between the Jordan Valley and the heart of Samaria. The PA has been caught destroying the site’s antiquities as seen in the footage below. Under under Trump’s Peace Plan, Tel Aroma will fall under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority.


9. Jewish Necropolis of Jericho

Located in the foothills to the west of the ancient city of Jericho,  small portion of the city’s necropolis was excavated and found to date from the 1st century B.C.E to the 1st century A.D. The site features ancient Jewish burial tombs. Jericho, was the first city that the ancient Israelites conquered upon entering the land of Israel.

Now Yericho was shut up tight because of the Israelites; no one could leave or enter. (Joshua 6:1)

Under Trump’s Peace Plan, the Jewish Necropolis of Jericho will fall under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority.

10. Tel Ziph

Tel Ziph (Wikipedia)

Southeast of Hebron, Ziph is where David famously his while being perused by Shaul.

David was staying in the strongholds of the wilderness [of Yehuda]; he stayed in the hill country, in the wilderness of Ziph. (Samuel 1 23:14)

It was also fortified by Rehoboam. Under Trump’s Peace Plan, Tel Ziph will fall under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority.

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