Report: Over 60 Soldiers Killed in Battle Waged Between China and India

June 17, 2020

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For several weeks, tensions along the border between China and India have heated up. But the tensions seemed to have taken a turn for the worst on Tuesday. That’s because although initial reports came out claiming that three Indian soldiers have been killed in the eastern Ladakh region of the Himalayas, current updates are showing that 20 Indian soldiers were killed during hand-to-hand combat in the skirmishes and over 40 Chinese soldiers were killed.

US intelligence believes that 35 Chinese soldiers died, including one senior officer, according to a report in US News. The battle occurred during a meeting in the Himalayan border region between the two sides with each one agreeing to disarm in an effort to decide how the two armies could safely withdraw their presence from the region, the report noted.

The report also said that tensions in the meeting grew which resulted in a physical confrontation between the soldiers. All of the casualties came from the use of knives, batons and from falling off the steep cliffs, the US News cited the source as saying.

The U.S. assessment also says that Bei Jing sees the casualties among their soldiers as a humiliation for its armed forces. They have not confirmed the body count for fear of emboldening other enemies, the source says

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