Torah Codes Reveal: Trump Wins Re-Election in 2020

June 16, 2020

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Six months before the next presidential elections are scheduled to be held, Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, an expert in Bible codes, made a bold prediction; President Trump will win his bid for reelection. Rabbi Glazerson uses software to find hidden clues in equidistant letters in the Torah and six months before the 2016 elections, at a time when Hillary Clinton was almost universally predicted to win the presidency, Rabbi Glazerson used his Bible-based technique to predict a Trump victory.

In his recent video predicting an incumbent presidency, Rabbi Glazerson referred to the accuracy of his previous prediction. 

“It was so clearly written in the Torah,” Rabbi Glazerson said.”So this is what you are going to see now, maybe not as clear but still a very important teaching. This is the Torah that God used to create the world and there it is written clearly what we should do with the world.”

It is interesting to note that four years ago, another Torah Codes scholar predicted a Clinton victory, one that seemed supported by the polls, however Rabbi Glazersopn’s prediction proved to be accurate. The election was hotly contested and many kabbalists (Jewish mystics) weighed in as well.

The rabbi opened by explaining the extreme nature of current events in reference to the Biblical flood that destroyed all of humanity in the generation of Noah.

“The rabbis tell us that now that God promised he will not bring a flood to destroy the whole world, he will bring it in small places in other ways. It is written in the Talmud that God will not bring a flood of water, but a flood of fire or a flood of pestilence, like coronavirus, he will bring.”

“So what I am about to show you is what the Torah says, but only if we will be okay and do what we should. Trump has been very good to Israel. He is supported by the evangelicals and they believe in the Bible, in the Torah.”


Using his special software to seek out words associated with current events, Rabbi Glazerson found matches centered around the fourth chapter in Numbers. The word corona (קורונה) figured prominently in the table.

“The first thing we see is that Corona will be going more and more,” Rabbi Glazerson said. More specifically, he found the word ‘corona’ connected to the word ‘United States’ ( ארצות הברית). 

He also noted the word ‘he will save’ (יציל) inserted into the table twice, implying that President Trump will play a key role in saving the American people from the coronavirus. Remarkably, the word ‘plague’ (נגף) appears naturally in the table in its uncoded form. 

so that no plague may afflict the Israelites for coming too near the sanctuary. Numbers 8:19 

“But for this we have to keep the Torah, the Seven Noahide Laws,” Rabbi Glazerson said. “Corona is a sign from God.”

“|Homosexuality and abortion and all these kinds of sins are causing destruction. These are the pathways for God to bring fruitfulness into the world. God is very angry that these things are being misused.”

“If you learn about the Flood in the time of Noah, you will understand why He brings these destructive things into the world. Trump is working to stop these horrible things and the destruction.”

Connecting the word ‘corona’ with ‘United States’ was the word ‘Trump’ (טראמפ). The rabbi noted Trump’s role in fixing these aberrations.

Amazingly, adjacent to the president’s name is the naturally appearing word for president (נשיא), usually translated as ‘chieftains.’

So Moshe, Aharon, and the chieftains of the community recorded the Kohathites by the clans of their ancestral house. Numbers 4:34

The word ‘president’ is surrounded by the letters spelling out ‘two’ (שני). Directly underneath is the coded word for ‘he will be elected’ (יבחר). This appears directly adjacent to the letters denoting 5780 (תשפ), this year in the Hebrew calendar.

“But this is only when he follows the Torah, accepting that Israel belongs to God and the Jews,” Rabbi Glazerson said. “But this is when we keep the covenant. People call out ‘Trump, help us, help the settlements.’ But if we want Trump to do this, we need to do our part to keep the Torah. We know that there is a God and if we want him to use Trump to help us, we need to keep the Torah.”’ 

At this point the rabbi addressed skeptics.

“Some people say that you can put you want into these tables and they work out,” Rabbi Glazerson said. “The reality is very far away from that. Even if you find the words, they have to come parallel or adjacent. This cannot be a coincidence.”

The rabbi noted that some tables can be quite large and this particular table begins in Leviticus with the words “he will surely redeem” (ואם גאל יגאל)

And if he who consecrated the land wishes to redeem it… Leviticus 27:19

The name of the Persian King Cyrus (קורש) also appeared adjacent to the word ‘Messiah’ (משיח). Trump has been compared to the Persian King by many, including the Sanhedrin and Prime Minister Netanyahu. Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the eternal Jewish capital and his other acts benefitting Israel have been compared to Cyrus’ helping the Jews return from the Babylonian exile leading to the building of the Second Temple.

“We know that Isaiah referred to Cyrus as the Messiah, the anointed one,” Rabbi Glazerson said. “We are really exactly in the time of the Messiah.” 

Thus said Hashem to Cyrus, His anointed one Thus said Hashem to Cyrus, His anointed one Isaiah 45:1

“I am looking forward to the time when Trump will be elected and take away all the laws that are against the Torah which the Democrats, especially Obama, made legal,” Rabbi Glazerson concluded.


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