PA Policeman: ‘Me and my Colleagues Want Israeli Annexation’

June 11, 2020

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Is a coup brewing in the Palestinian Authority?

Veteran journalist Tzvi Yehezkeli went undercover into various Arab villages throughout Judea and Samaria to find out how the village residents feel about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s July plan to annex Jewish inhabited areas of the region.

Official data regarding ‘Palestinian’ sentiments of the plan, even if recorded, would likely be inaccurate as most PA citizens fear retribution should they openly call to live under Israeli rule. That’s why Yehezkeli, a fluent Arabic speaker, entered their villages posing as an Arab to hear their true sentiments. As the camera was mounted inside eyeglasses, the interviewees didn’t even know that they were being recorded.

One Arab he interviewed claims that 80% of his village wants an Israeli ID card while the other 20% secretly want it but won’t admit it. Another one in the Jordan Valley, upon realizing that the Annexation plan means that he and his village will get an Israeli ID card, he said that he’s “very happy” as is his entire village. In the Judean village of Husan, a man told Yehezkeli that everyone in his village wants to live under Israeli soverignty saying “of course I want, who wouldn’t want? Even Abu Mazen (Abbas) himself wants to.”

At one point, Yehezkeli interviewed a Palestinian policeman ‘M’, an apparent captain in the PA police force. When ‘M’ was asked if he would prefer to obtain Israeli citizenship, his response was “100%, Not just me, I have 60 men working under me.”

The policeman also revealed that Abbas today has far less influence than Arafat once did explaining that “back then, people didn’t know what’s going on. Today people understand the game” calling the Palestinian Authority “traitors and murderers.”

Giving an example ‘M’ recalled that “Abbas called on the us to go out and protest against the upcoming Annexation plan but everyone just ignored him.”

Regarding potential orders he may receive from the PA government to shoot up Jewish holy sites in a terrorist attack, the policeman explains that he will simply ignore the orders saying: “If they tell me for example to shoot Rachel’s tomb, I will tell them to first send the son of the head of the PA intelligence, Majid Faraj.”



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