George Floyd Posthumously Dubbed a ‘Palestinian’. There’s Just One Problem

June 4, 2020

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After a top PA official claimed that Jesus was a Palestinian martyr, why not extend the honor to a dead American who has no affiliation to the Middle east?

The image of George Floyd, whose murder by a white cop in Minneapolis set off a wave of violent riots throughout the United States, has been appropriated by those who want to destroy Israel otherwise known as the “Palestinians.”

On the security barrier in Judea-Samaria is a massive mural of Floyd donning a black and white keffiyeh and a a PLO flag behind him. If one didn’t know any better, one would think that Floyd was in some way associated with the Palestinian cause or that he’s even heard of Palestine.

Additionally the Palestine Museum US (whatever that is) also published a similar image of their new “martyr.”

But there’s one small reason that Floyd might not want to be associated with the Palestinian cause. That’s because the man who initially called the police on Floyd for trying to pay him with a counterfeit note was none other than a self-identified “Palestinian.” Floyd’s death would probably have been averted if the store owner didn’t “snitch” on him in the first place.

But that is of no concern to the Jihadist propaganda machine looking to exploit George Floyd’s death to garner sympathy for their cause.

In the video below, Hananya Naftali lays out why the conflation is skewed.

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