Israel Reveals New Corona-Emergency Laws and they’re Terrifying

June 1, 2020

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The Knesset is expected to approve the first reading of the “Coronavirus Emergency Law” bill on Monday. Despite opposition from the public, the majority of the Knesset is expected to pass the bill via members of the unity coalition.

The laws can be enforced round-the-clock for a ten month period. Among the laws include the police being able to enter homes without a warrant. Additionally, the police will be allowed to use physical force to implement corona restrictions, even in private homes.

The government will also be allowed to enact executive orders without putting the regulations to a Knesset vote. Those regulations will be drafted and approved by the Prime Minister.

Dr. Amir Fox, a researcher with the Israeli Democracy Institute, warned Calcalist that “The law damages individual rights.”

Social media influencer and Likud activist Senia Waldberg said “Until now, I mocked all the conspiracy theorists and supported the state’s health regulations. But this is taking it to a level I won’t agree to.”

Prof. Gila Stoppler, dean of the Law school at the Ramat Gan Academy for Law and Business, noted the “problematic and dangerous” part of the bill saying: “This is legislation which provides draconian powers and limits human rights in a way that has never been done in Israel. Within the said legislation lies a problematic and dangerous clause that is hardly noticed. Under section 15 of the Corona Law, the minister responsible for the enforcement of the law is the prime minister. In other words, the prime minister will be able to implement regulations to enforce the law independently. In doing so, the law provides him with unprecedented power to enforce draconian regulations that can dramatically limit the most fundamental human rights of the people.”


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