Masks Now Required on Temple Mount which means Police can No Longer Stop Jews from Praying

May 31, 2020

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Jewish pilgrims were allowed to enter the Temple Mount for the first time in 70 days on Sunday. This marks the first time they have been permitted to enter the holy site since the coronavirus crisis shut the entire country down.

The Temple mount’s reopening to Jewish pilgrims was marred with controversy as a secret backdoor deal was recently exposed between Jordan and Israel. According to reports, Jordan agreed to close the Al Aqsa mosque so long as Israel would not allow Jews to ascend to the holy site.

But in symbolic fashion, right after Shavuot (Festival of Weeks) which is also known to be King David’s birthday, Jewish pilgrims were finally allowed on the mount.

One of the latest regulations for anyone entering the Temple Mount is that they need to wear a protective mask. However this regulation seems to have backfired on the police who have been known to arrest Jewish visitors caught moving their lips in prayer.

That’s because the new regulation provides them with the perfect cover to pray on the mount without the police being able to identify who is praying.

And so, as seen in the video below, Jewish pilgrims openly prayed shacharit (the morning service) on the Temple Mount as the police helplessly looked on.

This was also confirmed by Temple Mount guide Michael Miller in an exclusive interview with Breaking Israel News corespondent Josh Wander.

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