Mystic Rabbis Reveal Daunting Forecast: Jews Outside Israel in Grave Danger. God won’t Protect them

May 19, 2020

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Rabbi Shalom Shmueli, head of the Nahar Shalom Yeshiva in Jerusalem, is known for his powerful mystic messages. Last week, he participated in a special meeting with other rabbis. Rabbi Shmueli gave over a message he had received from his father, Rabbi   It should be noted that Rabbi Shmueli does not make public appearances and his message was made public by Rabbi Yekutiel Fish at his urging.

“This announcement must be spread to the entire world,” Rabbi Fish told Breaking Israel news. “This is an imminent emergency. All Jews in exile around the world must come to Israel immediately. They are all in grave danger.”

Rabbi Fish explained that the upper worlds and lower worlds are parallel and connected. When the Second Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed, the corresponding Temple in the upper worlds was also destroyed. When the Jews were forced into exile, the shechina (heavenly presence) which had dwelled among them since the construction of the Tabernacle in the desert, the shechina accompanied them. 

“It is known that one of the changes that will take place prior to the final redemption is just as the Jews return from Exile, the shechina will also return from exile,” Rabbi Fish explained. “Rabbi Shmueli announced that the return of the shechina, which began several years ago, is now complete.”

Rabbi Fish explained that lacking the shechina, the Jews outside of Israel have no protection.  

“They are only protected by the merit of their own mitzvoth (Torah commandments) which are not nearly enough to protect them from the terrible catastrophes which are, God forbid, waiting to come into the world by way of the haters of Israel. Whoever stays there will be in dire straits. All the protection has moved to Israel to protect the Jewish people there. If the Jews do not return from exile now, all the gates will be closed to them.”

“This has happened many times in history, that Jews were thriving in one place and then suddenly, the protection left them and they were trapped. This happened in Spain and Portugal, in Germany and Poland, in Iran. This can also happen in America.” 

Rabbi Fish also cited Rabbi Aharon Kohen Ben Batya who was at the meeting as well. Rabbi Ben Batya described the coronavirus pandemic as the first pangs of childbirth.

“We are all trapped inside, like a baby in the womb,” Rabbi Fish explained. “We are about to be reborn into a new world. We have to prepare for this as a baby does, taking this time in solitude to introspect and reconnect with God. If we do not, we will exit this pandemic like babies who are not prepared for the new world. If we don’t do this through the coronavirus, then the next birth pang, the next stage of preparing for the new world of Messiah, will be even more difficult.”

“Just as the Second Temple was destroyed because of Jews hating each other, this disease is coming because of division among the Jews. Jews are being forced to be alone, to separate from their community. The tikkun (fixing) is to come out of this with greater unity, clean of hatred for our brothers, to clean ourselves of slanderous speech, for Jews in the exile to remember that their home, their family, and their father, are all in Israel.”

Rabbi Fish noted that one of the motivations for the meeting was a recent wave of announcements by rabbis and mystics concerning the imminent arrival of Moshiach.

“It is certainly a mitzvah to anticipate the arrival of the Messiah, to believe with absolute certainty that the Messiah is right outside the door, and to act accordingly,” Rabbi Fish said. “But it is also true that just a few years ago, these rabbis and mystics were not speaking about the final redemption and the arrival of the Messiah in these terms. World events are also turning in a way never seen before.”


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