Netanyahu Refuses to Divulge Secret Agreement with Jordan over Temple Mount

May 14, 2020

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The Israeli government does not deny that there is a secret agreement with Jordan over the Temple Mount reports Galatz journalist Yuval Segev.

Last week, Breaking Israel News reported that following an emergency request to allow Jewish access to the Temple Mount, Israeli Supreme Court Justice Dafna Barak  ordered the legislative branch of the government to respond to a petition filed by Temple Mount activists to confirm if a closed door agreement was made between Israel and Jordan to close the Temple Mount to Jewish pilgrims.

Although the government didn’t outright admit that there was an agreement, they didn’t deny it either. The government also refused to divulge the contents of the agreement. Furthermore, the state requested that the contents of the meeting be revealed to the Supreme Court behind closed doors deeming it a “sensitive security matter.”

Segev speculates that behind the threats between Jerusalem and Amman is a direct cooperation regarding the Temple Mount.

In March, Prime Minister Netanyahu admitted that he would have had a more decisive victory in the elections if he allowed Jews to pray on the Temple Mount saying that it would have “embroiled the Middle East.” He added that “It would have cost us a billion Muslims against us.” The PM also said that there “are some things I’m not ready to do to win an election.”

As of late, Prime Minister Netanyahu has been accused of selling Israel out to the Globalist cabal after suggesting that all Israelis be microchipped. Additionally, Netanyahu called Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount

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