‘In End of Days, Temple Vessels will Float from Rome to Israel’ Mystic Rabbi Says

May 14, 2020

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In a recent talk that garnered over 121,000 views in the past two weeks, Tzfat-based Rabbi Alon Anava shared a startling teaching from Judaism’s mystical tradition about the Vatican and the End of Days.

Basing himself on a teaching from King Solomon that what has already occurred will repeat itself in the future, Anava spoke about the phenomenon of bizat hayam, literally the booty of the sea. Jewish tradition teaches that, when the Egyptian army drowned in the Red Sea, the gold and decorative gems that had been affixed to the chariots washed ashore and the Children of Israel collected them.

Rabbi Alon Anava (YouTube Screenshot)

This idea of treasures washing ashore, Anava explained, will repeat itself after the Messiah reveals himself. In order to understand his teaching, a little background is required.

Jewish tradition teaches that, before the flood in the time of Noah, the earth had one single continent that was broken up into seven continents after being underwater for a full year. The only exception to this is Rome. In Tractate Sanhedrin 21a, the Talmud teaches that, when King Solomon married the daughter of Pharaoh, the angel Gabriel stuck a reed in the sea. Land gathered around that reed and ultimately, Rome was built on that land.

Quoting from the Kabbalistic book Chesed L’Avraham (The Kindness of Abraham) Anava taught that, “In the future, [the angel] Michael, the Minister of Kindness, will pull out the stem of the reed that Gabriel the angel stuck in the water and Rome is going to sink into the ocean. Now what’s going to happen when Rome sinks into the ocean? 

“All the vessels of the Holy Temple are right now in Rome. Titus took everything. The only thing he could not find was the Ark. The Ark is hidden. There are two versions where it’s hidden. Either it’s hidden under the Kodesh HaKadoshim (Holy of Holies), buried so deep in the ground or in Kever David, the tomb of David, but the Ark is in Israel.”

“But all the rest of the vessels. Can you imagine? The menorah, all the vessels, Titus took [them] and [they’re] in the Vatican as we speak, in their basements.

“So in the future, when it says atida it means with the coming of Moshiach (Messiah), Michael is going to pull this reed, Rome is going to sink into the depths of the ocean and all the kelim (vessels) are going to float. And you know where they’re going to pull up to? To the shores of the port of Yafo (Jaffa)!”

Earlier in the three-hour long talk, Anava had some harsh things to say about the Vatican and the current Pope.

“Up until today,” he commented, “people think that the Vatican is Christian. The Vatican is not Christian. The Vatican is Luciferian. It’s not worshipping Jesus. It’s worshipping Lucifer. Lucifer is the devil.”

Anava claimed that, under the influence of Luciferian worship, child sacrifice is conducted in the Vatican until today. “I’m telling you already that for many years, the Vatican was run by a Christian Pope. Now, it’s controlled by a Luciferian Pope.

“There are three Popes: the white Pope, the red Pope and the black Pope. Right now the Vatican is in the control of pagan Rome. In Hebrew, it’s called Luciferians because they don’t worship Jesus; they worship the devil. And, by the way, this is the empire that destroyed the Holy Temple. These are not the Christians, the Catholics that you know. These are totally different people.”

Anava’s comments about Rome and the Vatican can be heard in their fullness in Rabbi Anava’s video between minute 39 and minute 53.


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