Israelis who were ‘Forced to Microchip by Government’ Warn Against Netanyahu’s Plan

May 12, 2020

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Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may have inadvertently let a nefarious cat out of the bag. In a national address discussing the lifting of health ministry regulations, Netanyahu spoke for about a minute about a plan to inject distance censors into children that beep when they violate social distancing orders. Here’s what he said in the speech:

“new technologies that haven’t yet been activated. Technologies that are within the confines of the law that we will activate. This means perhaps, new methods that we’re discussing. I’ve spoken to the heads of our technology department to search for all sorts of tools that Israel truly specializes in. For example – sensors. There would be a sensor that warns children, all people, but starting with children, like a vehicle whereby if you get to close to it, it makes noise. A buzzer if you will. I don’t know if it’s possible but they’re looking into it. They’re trying it.”
Several rabbis have come out blasting the Prime Minister accusing him of carrying out Bill Gate’s “Globalist” plot to microchip all of Israel.
1984 in the Jewish State?
And as dystopian as that may sound, several Israelis, including one former celebrity testify that this isn’t a theoretical plan but rather something that is already happening in Israel.
Several of the victims, who reportedly represent hundreds of others, came forward on a Youtube program claiming that they have been micro-chipped by Israel’s intelligence community and even have the X-rays to prove it.
On a recent  show hosted by Gai Tal and former real-estate celebrity broker Inbal Or, interview several women who claim to have been micro-chipped by government intelligence forces. Inbal Or herself, once Israel’s most famous real estate broker whose face was advertised on a wide range of upscale projects throughout Israel, also claims that she was micro-chipped after allegedly double crossing Yitzchak Teshuva,  a wealthy Israeli tycoon with apparent connections to the right people in the government.
How they work
As the broadcast begins, Or discusses how the chips, which are engineered using state-of-the-art technology, can be injected and cause people pain at the push of a button. She added that these chips can “enact mind control including emotions like fear.” Or explains that although she was also chipped, her body had an adverse reaction that pushed the chip close to the surface of her skin making it easy for her to remove it with a needle.
According to Or, who now dedicates her time to helping victims of this program, spoke of a Jerusalem woman who was injected with one of these chips and  “puts closets and beds in front of her door so that no one can come inside.” “She was sent to the psych ward five times” she adds. “She doesn’t drink because she thinks the water is poisoned and doesn’t eat.”
Inbal Or (courtesy: screenshot)
Or claims that she met three other women like that. According to Or, the chip is inserted after being sedated. Speaking about another victim she encountered, Or explains “Initially, the hospital didn’t want to take an x-ray to see if there was a chip inside so she had to lie and say that she was in a car accident and feels a strange pain in her body” According to Or, “the chip is about a half centimeter in size.”
She adds that those behind it are the Mossad (Israeli intelligence services) and the Shabak (Israel’s NSA/FBI). According to Or, the Free Masons and New World Order are giving them the orders from the top.
“Iris” tells her story
During the broadcast, Or speaks over the phone with a woman named “Iris”. “Iris” is an alias as the woman didn’t want her true identity to be known.
Iris starts off the interview by explaining how everyone she turned to for help “slammed the door in my face.” Regarding a potential lawsuit, Iris explained that “no one wanted to represent me in court. No one wants to tell our story.”
The half centimeter microchip that Iris discovered after getting an x-ray (courtesy: screenshot)
When asked why she thinks she was targeted by the government, Iris explains that she sued someone who was apparently connected to what she deemed the “deep state mafia.” Iris added that all four attorneys that she turned to refused to help her with her case. This compelled her to study law on her own to represent herself in court. She then vowed to make her story heard. Iris added that as she was in the process of representing herself, “I came across hundreds of other people who were also micro-chipped.” Regarding the capabilities of the chip, she insists that the chip “can do anything to your body” and that the chip she was injected with “was designed to give me a heart attack.”
According to Iris, lawyers she turned to have refused to represent her. However she did find one attorney who agreed to represent her but he “demanded an absurd amount of money.”
The symptoms
Iris also explains that ironically, when the government injects you with the chip, they want you to tell people about it. That way, it would be easier to justify a ticket to the psyche ward. “Every time I would hang up the telephone, I felt an electric shock in my shoulder where the chip was implanted” she said. After telling her attorney about it, instead of helping her, he recommended she see a psychiatrist. She alleges that he had an ulterior agenda to institutionalize her. But the psychiatrist wanted nothing to do with their cruel game. And despite requests from the attorney to diagnose her with schizophrenia, the psychiatrist refused noting that Iris was completely sane.
How did she know this? Because at a certain point, Iris saw that the shrink was acting nervously on a phone call. So she asked to go to the bathroom and left her cellular phone in the office to record a conversation that the psychiatrist had. In that discussion, the psychiatrist was recorded refusing to diagnose her with schizophrenia.
“These chips can send shock-waves to your body that can mimic any disease” Iris claimed. “The chip can even cause people to suffer what she deemed as ‘voice-to-scan’ which means that it can speak to people causing them to hear voices in their heads and sound off high pitched sirens for 24 hours at a time.”
Shiva speaks out
Another woman named Shiva who also claims to have been micro-chipped 30 years ago by the government was also interviewed by Or.
Shiva claims that she was micro-chipped while under sedation for a surgery she was receiving in the hospital. Needless to say, she didn’t consent. “They injected the chip illegally. I was sedated. I trusted the Health system.”
Since then, Shiva says she suffers from stabbing sensations. They can control every muscle, every bone and on your brain” she added. “They can enter your private parts” she explains. Shiva also said that she has connected with other such victims throughout the world via the internet. And like “Iris”, no lawyers agreed to represent her. When she asked them why, they simply told her that they’re “not allowed.” “When I told my colleagues at work about the micro-chip, they threatened to fire me.”
“Part of the project is to isolate us, to alienate us from our friends and family and to slowly kill us by torturing us.”
She said that one other victim was even “raped” using the technology in the micro-chip. Shiva ends by warning that this chip can cause its victims to suddenly urinate in the middle of the street and cause epileptic seizures. She also recalls another victim who divorced her husband who was in the Shabak and because she didn’t want to split their assets, he injected her with a chip as well.
In the conclusion of her interview, Shiva recommended that all the victims of Israel’s alleged microchip project meet to speak out and broadcast it so that the world knows about their suffering.

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