Advanced Russian Anti-Stealth Radar Discovered On Israel’s Border

May 6, 2020

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Media reports that the Russian military deployed its resonance radar system designed to identify stealth aircraft in an area near the Israeli border bring into question the future of Israel air dominance in the region.

Resonance radar uses frequencies lower than 1 GHz. These low frequencies to help counter the advancement in stealth technology by applying advanced digital signal processing to these bands in order to reduce radar clutter. Low-frequency resonance radar can be used to identify stealth aircraft at ranges of up to 600 kilometers. The system can identify ballistic targets and cruise missiles at up to 1,200 kilometers.

Almasdar News cited as saying that that the advanced Russian radar was identified in two locations in the eastern Mediterranean region, including an area along the Israeli-Egyptian border.

“Eli Dekel, a retired military systems researcher, has found the exact location and location of two radar stations that can detect planes and missiles up to 1,100 km away,” the publication said.

“One station was built in Javelin Oved at a distance of about 40 km, east of the Suez Canal,” NZIV reported, adding that a “second post was in the Gulf of Suez on a hill between Jabel al-Galla and Kabir.”

“Equipping Egypt with state-of-the-art radars is part of the accelerating process of arming and building military infrastructure, mainly in eastern Egypt and the Sinai. The system also provides data for intercept systems within 350 km. This area includes all of Israel,” the article added.

Israel is currently increasing its squadron of F-35  

Last year,  Global Security, a think tank and reputable military analysis source, published an article on the Russian deployment of the low resonance system, noting that the system “is supplied to other countries of the world.”

“The Egyptian Resonance-NE radar tracks the movement of all objects in the airspace not only over Egypt but also Israel and Syria. According to a number of sources, in 2020 Russia will begin regular deliveries of Resonance-NE to the Middle East.”

Israel was the first country to receive the advanced F-35 fighter from the U.S. In 2017, nine Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II stealth fighters became operational as part of the Israeli Air Force under the name Adir. Israel currently has 16 of the aircraft. Israel’s agreement with the U.S. provides for a total of 50 aircraft.

Former Israel Air Force chief Maj.-Gen. (res.) Amir Eshel has called the F-35 “game changing,” saying that Israel gathered new intelligence during a single flight by the F-35 early 2017 that other reconnaissance and intelligence gathering systems would take weeks to gather.


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