Netanyahu Looks to Install Sensors into Children that Buzz if They Get too Close to You

May 5, 2020

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On Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the nation of Israel to update them on the latest easing of Health Ministry regulations.
Some of the measures lifted include the allowance of families living in separate locations to meet in gatherings. Malls, Gyms, Libraries, and water activities will also open on Friday.  Additionally, by the end of May, all school classes will return to normal.
However Natanyahu also warned of a second wave of the Chinese Virus saying: “I pray it won’t happen but with God’s help and you’re help, we will be ready for it.”
The Prime Minister also said that he is looking into “technologies that haven’t been activated yet.” He continued saying “Technologies that will be legal that we operate. It means perhaps, new methods that we’re working on. I spoke with our head of technology to search for various technologies that Israel excels at.”
Netanyahu used sensor alarms as an example. “For examples sensors. There would be a sensor that warns children, all people but starting with children, like a vehicle whereby if you get to close to it, it makes noise. A buzzer if you will. I don’t know if it’s possible but they’re looking into it. They’re trying it.”
Rabbi Daniel Asor of Jerusalem’s Yanar Institute responded to the statement saying: “Netanyahu has crossed a red line. He will install a sensor into every person in Israel and will start with children in schools and kindergartens.”
Referring to the Biblical story of Esau selling his first born rights to Jacob, Rabbi Asor added: “Basically, Netanyahu sold the nation of Israel to the Shadow government for lentil soup”.
Yaakov then gave Esau bread and lentil stew; he ate and drank, and he rose and went away. Thus did Esau spurn the birthright. (Genesis 25:34)
The Prime Minister concluded saying that he hopes to finalize a unity government and that he is committed to continue the battle against the pandemic “for our country, for our economy, for our health and for our lives.”

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