Are the Internet Companies Censoring Vital Coronavirus Info Just to Make Trump Look Bad?

April 30, 2020

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I have just discovered that the social media companies are censoring vital information about the coronavirus and possible treatments in a manner that suggests they are doing so to discredit President Trump. Though this is an opinion article, I would like to separate opinion from fact in order to state the situation as precisely as possible.

Yesterday, I wrote an article about a speech President Trump made last Thursday in which he said that ultraviolet light was being investigated as a possible treatment for COVID-19. The president suggested that it might be used internally. He also made a similar claim about antiseptics. The president was widely and harshly lambasted in the media with claims that he suggested inject Clorox bleach. The president did not say the word bleach. Many mainstream and major media said that UV cannot be used against the coronavirus and that using antiseptic internally is lethal.

In my article, I reported on Israeli hospitals using a certain wavelength of UV light to kill coronavirus and sterilize rooms. The device is also being developed to sterilize passenger jets which may be the only hope for the future of air travel.

Critics of the president responded that neither UV nor antiseptics were being used internally. I was surprised when I realized that chlorine, probably the most widely used antiseptic in the world is used internally, imbibed in our drinking water. Iodine is also used internally as I am sure other antiseptics are.

I was also surprised to discover that a UV device, basically a catheter with a light, is used to treat gastrointestinal disease. Called the Healight, it is being developed by Aytu Biotech to be intubated into the lungs to kill the coronavirus directly, precisely as Trump suggested and for which he was lambasted.

After writing the article, my editor, David Sidman, discovered a tweet claiming that the social media accounts of Aytu Biotech were suspended and several of their videos were removed from YouTube. Aytu is working on a device that is inserted into the lungs to emit UV light and kill the coronavirus.

The CEO of Aytu, posted an opinion article in the Wall Street Journal today, confirming that his company’s social media and videos had indeed been censored.

It has been suggested that this censorship was due to the companies’ policy of removing posts that contradict guidelines set by the World Health Organization for the pandemic. It should be strongly noted that the WHO has disseminated false information about the pandemic and has been accused of running a pro-China agenda. It is for this reason that President Trump suspended funding of the WHO. There are several class-action suits pending against China for their culpability in allowing the pandemic to spread. There are also several countries calling for an investigation into the possibility that the novel coronavirus escaped from the Wuhan microbiology laboratory.

Now for the opinion part of this article.

It appears to me that another possible reason for the censoring of Aytu Biotech is that this device supports President Trump’s claim that UV light can be used internally to treat coronavirus. If this is the case, then the internet companies have a political agenda and they maliciously censored information that supports Trump.

People who argue that the president’s speech was bad or irresponsible, please tell me, do you have any criticism for the political forces that are censoring vital information, matters of life or death? How do you feel, knowing that by criticizing Trump for saying things that are in fact true, you are enabling Big Brother censorship and the agenda they are pushing at the expense of our blood? This requires a vocal response. And I do not want to hear “But Trump lied when he said he was being sarcastic or funny.” He backtracked because of the media lies and attacks that you are enabling through that statement.

If you openly criticized Trump for making a crazy claim that UV might be used internally as a treatment, you lied and are now required by rules of morality to go online and openly revoke that claim. Otherwise, you are actively siding with evil. Know that Aytu is currently working with a major LA hospital to develop the Healight.

The media also went on a witch hunt to discredit Hydroxychloroquine. Do you remember the studies that “proved” it was ineffective? Take a closer look at the “studies.” They were horrible. 

We are currently in the midst of a pandemic and it is literally criminal for the media to rule on the efficacy of possible treatments. It is inconceivable that they should do so for a political agenda. It is terrifying to think the internet social media giants are censoring vital information concerning possibly life-saving treatments in order to push a left-wing agenda. If the media is lying about the cures for a pandemic just to make Trump look bad, are you really going to go along with it and sign your own death warrant? 

The most important takeaway is that the media blatantly lied about what Trump said and what he said was actually accurate. But are you going to continue to side with a media that is willing to suppress vital information just because the media does what you want to slam trump? Or, for the sake of your friends and family, are you going to demand the media tell the truth even if it means taking time away from lying about Trump to make him look bad?

This will only get worse as the election approaches. Are you going to side with the lies at the expense of your life and the lives of your loved ones or are you going to demand the truth? I am not saying Trump is anything, good or great, but I am saying that I am sick of the lies against him. If you want to reject Trump, do so from a point of truth. Do not side with the powers that censor vital information for their political agenda. Then vote for whoever you want.

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