Trump’s Coronavirus Cure ‘from Book of Isaiah’ Censored by Social Media Giants

April 28, 2020

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Social media companies are being accused of censoring vital information about the coronavirus and possible treatments in a manner that suggests they are doing so to discredit President Trump. 

A speech was made by President Trump last Thursday in which he said that ultraviolet light was being investigated as a possible treatment for COVID-19. The president suggested that it might be used internally.

Incidentally, using light as a healing treatment can be found in the book of Isaiah:

Then shall your light burst through like the dawn And your healing spring up quickly; Your Vindicator shall march before you, The Presence of Hashem shall be your rear guard. Isaiah 58:8

Many mainstream and major media tried to discredit Trump’s suggestion claiming that UV cannot be used against the coronavirus.

Despite the criticism, Israeli hospitals are currently using a certain wavelength of UV light to kill coronavirus and sterilize rooms. The device is also being developed to sterilize passenger jets which may be the only hope for the future of air travel. 

Additionally, the social media accounts of the company who is behind this treatment, Aytu Biotech were suspended and several of their videos were removed from YouTube.

Aytu is working on a device that is inserted into the lungs to emit UV light and kill the coronavirus. 

The CEO of Aytu, posted an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal, confirming that his company’s social media and videos had indeed been censored. 

It has been suggested that this censorship was due to the companies’ policy of removing posts that contradict guidelines set by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the pandemic.

It should be strongly noted that the WHO has disseminated false information about the pandemic and has been accused of running a pro-China agenda. It is for this reason that President Trump suspended funding of the WHO. There are several class-action suits pending against China for their culpability in allowing the pandemic to spread. There are also several countries calling for an investigation into the possibility that the novel coronavirus escaped from the Wuhan microbiology laboratory. 



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