Memorial Day 2020

April 28, 2020

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If the sky were green with pink dots and a turquoise elephant was sitting on my balcony, I wouldn’t have noticed it on that horrible day in September, 2018!

I felt like the earth had opened and I was swallowed into a painful hell.

That was the day when I received the news that my friend was brutally murdered in a terror attack in Judea.

What kind of an animal would run up to a random person, and stab him to death simply for being a Jew?

Arriving in Israel in 2010, after selling all my belongings and embarking on an adventure to the Holy Land, I knew there was no turning back and that my life would never be the same.

I knew I had arrived in Israel not as a tourist, not just as someone who eventually would be reporting from of the Holy Land, but as someone who, as a gentile, had actually made Israel my home.

Day by day my love for God’s nation and people grew stronger. I saw their kindness and experienced their love towards me just for telling the truth about them to a world that seems to believe lies over truth when it comes to Israel.

Over the past ten years on Israel’s Memorial Day, I took part in different official events remembering all the people who had died, first in the Holocaust and then one week later, all the soldiers killed in wars, and the Jews murdered in terror attacks.

I went to funerals for terror victims, and I never felt like my heart recovered from one brutal murder until we had the next terror attack and I had to report about it with tears in my eyes, trying to explain the situation to the world while my heart was broken again.

Before September, 2018, it had never been from a personal angle that I reported but yet pain was in my soul. Now I fully share that grief because of that horrible day my friend, Ari was murdered!

His name is now on the list of terror victims that we remember on this somber day.

Ari Fuld was the one who were always speaking up for others. He was the one who was a friend to everybody. He was murdered while shopping for food for his family in Judea.

(Photo via Ari Fuld’s Facebook page)

He died the way he lived, a hero defending his fellow Jews!

His murderer is now receiving money every month for being a hero for murdering a Jew. He is enjoying good food in an Israeli prison.

I didn’t know this kind of pain and despair existed until that day it became a reality for me. Ari was loved by people around the world, and I was blessed to have worked with him so many times, learning so much.

There is good and evil in this world. The creation of the Jewish State was an act of God; for Israel to be a blessing for the entire world. But jealousy and hate has caused tremendous pain in this little nation because Jewish children are fair game for murder, even on this day, April 28, 2020. And the world watches in silence.

I will never forget one year when I visited Yad Vashem for Memorial Day, filming when the siren went off and watching thousands of Israelis cry at the graves of their loved ones. I simply had to turn my camera off as the tears from giving mothers was to much and I couldn’t held my own tears back.

That day, the sound of birds singing was a reminder that life goes on but the sound of me breathing was like an thunder in a valley and my heartbeat could be heard miles away, the pain was in the air like I had never felt before..

The tiny nation of Israel that God brought back to life in 1948, has had to fight several wars. Israel never initiated one, but was attacked, losing young men and women, many of them not more than 18-20 years old.

Fighting for the homeland that God promised to Abraham and his descendants many years ago, Israel is the only nation that has a day where we honor and remember all the people who were murdered simply because of the blood running in their veins.

Children, parents, and grandparents shot, run over, hacked to death in terror attacks. The hatred that has killed the Jewish people for centuries is still alive.

Living in Israel, my heart is ripped apart every year when I have to report on this special day showing the world all the broken hearts. Yet the world has lost its moral compass, not caring at all.

The condemnation continues to pound down on Israel when a Jewish family in Judea and Samaria builds a new home. That’s the reason “we don’t have peace,” they claim.

It’s not that the Jewish people are  being murdered every year because governments around the world are pouring money into the hands of the Palestinian leadership who in turn pays terrorists and their families for murdering Jews. It’s simply horrendous.

It was just revealed that three terrorists were arrested. They had planned several terror attacks, including one to blow up Teddy Stadium with 30,000 in it, terror attacks are constantly being planned against the Jewish people.

The whole world failed the Jewish people miserably during the Second World War. When good people do nothing, evil triumphs.

In 2020, good people are swallowing the blatant lie that the Jewish people are occupiers in their own homeland. When that happens, evil wins again. Others are standing idly by, being silent.

In other cases, people are actively supporting the murder of Jews by paying Israel’s enemies. These people pay lip service to wanting peace, yet every action they take encourages the murder of Jews. Israel’s enemies then pay the murderers or their families, while glorifying the terrorists.

So on this day, when we remember and honor all the people who died in battle for Israel, or who were murdered for simply being Jewish, people should know that the Jewish nation is stronger than ever. Israel is a powerhouse, there is nothing this nation cant do, make or produce and as always, the rest of the world is blessed by it.

However, in many households throughout the country, people are crying because their loved ones are no longer on this earth, taken away for defending this nation or murdered in a terror attack.

Further embittering this solemn day, this year families of the fallen are not allowed to visit the gravesites of their loved ones, due to the lockdown brought on by the Coronavirus. This makes this day so much harder not being able to go to the graves and come together as a nation, as one family on this special day.

I’m going to end by quoting what God told to all of us, “Comfort, comfort My people.”

That  commandment is more relevant than ever today.

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