Israeli Print Shop Sued for NIS 50,000 after Refusing to Print LGBT Fliers

April 21, 2020

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Judge Orit Lipshitz of the Be’er Sheva’s Magistrate Court sided with the LGBT Preservation Association’s lawsuit against a printing press who refused to design and print fliers with gay content reports Globes.

When the owners of the “Rainbow Color” printing press received a request from the gay group, they instantly replied via email saying: “We won’t get involved with abominable materials. We are Jews!”

At that point, the association filed a NIS 100,000 ($28,000) lawsuit against the printing press under the Anti-Discrimination Act on products and services.

The printing press said in its defense that its owners are religious Jews, and according to the Torah, enabling homosexual activity is a sin. The printing press added that the Discrimination Prohibition Act does not apply to circumstances whereby a product is produced for a particular customer, but rather the supply of an already existing product. The defense claimed that there is no precedent in the world whereby a person in the private market is forced to contact someone and produce a product for them that runs counter to their religious standards and views.

The court rejected all of the defendants’ claims and ruled that they compensate the gay group NIS 50,000, not including expenses.

The judge wrote in her decision that “the law does not look to enter into the hearts of service providers or to meddle when it comes to their subjective attitude toward others. The law also doesn’t seek to interfere with the freedom of religion and worship reserved for them as a human being, but rather to state that where their faith conflicts with the necessity of providing services to all in a public place.”


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