NY Governor Cuomo: We Stopped the Spread of the Virus, Not God

April 19, 2020

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In a recent interview on CNN, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo boasted his state’s success in flattening the curve.

Regarding the potential spread to the neighboring state of Connecticut, Cuomo responded saying that: Anyone who tells you Allison – I know what comes next doesn’t understand the question let alone the answer.”

Cuomo added that “No one’s been here before. This is totally uncharted territory and you’re right. You have different peaks of that curve in different areas. So we’re not talking about the next two weeks or three weeks. We’re talking about months. We’re talking about a phased reopening and a safe reopening. We’re talking about a reopening that has a public health plan and an economic plan to totally coordinate it.”

The Democratic governor then said: “Our behavior has stopped the spread of the virus. God did not stop the spread of the virus.” What we do and how we act will dictate how that virus spreads.”

On Saturday, the New York Times said that Cuomo appeared to be “noticeably subdued.” Adding that he “shied away from conflict with President Trump a day after the two leaders traded barbs over federal aid for the state.”

“In the midst of this, there is no time for politics,”Cuomo said. “How does this situation get worse and get worse quickly? If you politicize all that emotion. We cannot go there.”

He also said: “I’m not asking the federal government to do more than they need to. But we do need their coordination. We need their partnership.”

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