Syrian Journalist: Arabs Need to Learn How Jews “Make Miracles”

March 29, 2020

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A Syrian Journalist living in exile in Europe stated several uncomfortable truths on Al Jazeera, suggesting that rather than wage baseless claims at the Zionist entity, the Arabs should learn from the Jews how “to make miracles out of the impossible.”

Al-Nashef can certainly relate as he is currently living in Europe as an exile from war-torn Syria. He is a strong advocate of Israel, defending the Jewish state in the Arab media. In the debate on Al Jazeera which was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), he refuted that claim that Israel is a negative influence on democracy in the Arba world. 

Al-Nashef blamed Arab culture for the prevalence of dictatorships in the Arab world.

“First of all, the accusation that Israel is thwarting democracy in the Arab countries is completely unfounded, because if we look at the Arab reality, we will see that authoritarianism, dictatorship, and corruption are negative phenomena that were created by Arab societies, which produced their own rulers. You can’t say that Arab rulers come from a different planet, or that they arrived with a parachute,” al-Nashef said.

“In any Arab country, any Arab ruler whose people revolted against him – he came from among those same people. I cannot imagine Israel taking an Arab citizen from his cradle, and then grooming him to be the president [of his country]. These are conspiracy theories.”

“Arabs May Benefit From The Extensive Israeli Expertise… We Must Ask Ourselves: How Come The Jews, Or Israel, Have Excelled? Today, Israel is not responsible for the progress or the backwardness of Arabs. Arabs are responsible for themselves. It is the Arabs who are creating their own revival.

“European societies did not rely upon Jews to get where they are today. They toiled and exerted efforts in order to achieve what they wanted to achieve. But Arabs may benefit from the extensive Israeli expertise because when we look at today’s Israel, which is an advanced country, we must ask ourselves: How come the Jews, or Israel, have excelled? These people lived in Europe for 2,000 years, as exiled refugees, in a diaspora, as prisoners, and as slaves. Imagine! They then proved to all of humanity that they are not just refugees or slaves, but a people that was able to make miracles out of the impossible.”

“All of the most useful science books you have today are their books, the fruits of their free-thinking and creativity. Jews emerged from the Holocaust tragedy and forced the world to respect them for their knowledge – not through their terror.”

Al-Nashef then referenced the uncomfortable reality of Muslim-Arab terrorism.

“The Jews united and achieved their winnings through work and knowledge. We have never seen a Jew explode in a German restaurant.”



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