Major Mystic Rabbi: Coronavirus Will End In Passover; Cure Will Come From Israel

March 23, 2020

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A recognized mystic rabbi who has made shockingly accurate predictions in the past came out with another shocking prediction; a cure to the coronavirus will come from Israel before the end of the upcoming Passover holiday.

Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, an Israeli mystic known for his accurate predictions, related to the coronavirus pandemic in his weekly lesson. It should be remembered that Rabbi Ben Artzi actually predicted the pandemic five years ago.

“China will suffer the worst of the diseases,” Rabbi Ben Artzi said in a video. “More than 100,000 people will die. This will be a prelude to even greater troubles, endless misfortunes, for China. Even though many financial experts are predicting that China will rule the world economically, China will go bankrupt. China is only rising up in order to fall down. This will be to show people that the real source of blessings in the world is Israel.”

The rabbi started his talk dealing with the subject of the government.

“We are currently in a process in which the world is confused while they should be concentrating on Israel,” Rabbi Ben Artzi said. “All of the major leaders need to use their position for the sake of heaven and let go of their grudges and jealousy. And the people need to listen to the health ministry and remember that the heart of the king is in the hands of God.”

“Even in a democracy, no one chooses the ruler. The people vote but only the Holy One, blessed be He, establishes who will be chosen. The prime minister [Benyamin Netanyahu] is operating precisely as necessary, putting out every effort, and he is very serious in trying to save every single Jew in Israel. All of the medical personnel are doing holy work.”

But the key, the rabbi said, is within the nation, specifically, inside Israel.

“All of Israel needs to come together with one heart as we do in times of war,” Rabbi Ben Artzi said. “This pandemic is certainly a type of war. It is not only our country at stake. The entire world derives divine sustenance by way of Israel and despite God’s anger, He loves his children and wants to show His mercy.”

“The healing for the disease will come from Israel! Only Israel can protect the world. For sure, no Muslim nation will save the world.”

The rabbi gave a timeline for when a cure would be discovered.

“Miracles and wonders will be seen during the holiday of Passover and the disease will end. God sees all the suffering and fear. He hears our prayers and for that, he will bring great salvation.”

Rabbi Ben Artzi even gave a reason behind the spread of the coronavirus.

“The disease came because China was about to acquire factories in Israel and around the world. No one will allow that to happen now. Every startup, all the wisdom that comes into the world via the Jews, needs to stay in Israel.”

“We are in the time just before Messiah and God is sweeping in between people so that the Messiah will have a clean place to walk,” the rabbi said, explaining that he was speaking in allegory. “The simple message is to repent. The disease is a keren or (ray of light) that is showing the path to repent.”




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