Town Outside Jerusalem, Nursing Home in Jerusalem: Experience Covid-19 Outbreak

March 17, 2020

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Kiryath Jearim, an ultra-orthodox town roughly 5 miles west of Jerusalem, has experienced the worst outbreak of coronavirus in Israel.

The case started with a resident who works as a paramedic that inadvertently infected his entire family. The initial carrier was identified as someone who recently flew into Israel from France.

At this point, a total of fourteen residents of Kiryat Yearim have tested positive for coronavirus. A quarter of the residents are in isolation – about 1,500 people while health officials are considering placing the entire town on lock-down.

Meanwhile, one nursing home in Jerusalem has diagnosed eight people with coronavirus. Five of the infected are staff members at the Nofim (views) old-age home while three  of them are residents. All of them have been hospitalized.

The assisted living facility is now on lock-down, with reduced staff and other residents quarantined in their own rooms in an effort to contain the outbreak.

Ynet is also reporting that in a neighborhood of the central Israeli city of Modiin, 3,000 residents are already in quarantine. Authorities are considering placing all of the neighborhoods 12,000 residents in lock-down.


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