Torah Scholar makes Bold Prophecy: “No Israelis Will Die from Corona-Virus”

March 15, 2020

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The well-known Torah scholar and speaker, Rabbi Baruch Rosenblum, gave over a powerful message during his weekly lesson last Thursday. The rabbi opened his lecture by noting that the gematria (Hebrew numerology) of the word ‘corona’ is 367, which equals the gematria of המשיח בא (the Messiah is coming) with a milui (adding one for the actual word, an accepted technique in numerology). 

The rabbi cited Tosefta,  a compilation of the Jewish oral law from the late 2nd century.

“God promised Noah that he will never again bring a flood to destroy the world,” Rabbi Rosenblum said. “Rabbi Yossi taught that God will never bring a flood of water but he will bring a flood of disease that will kill off the idolators like flies.”

“The days of the Messiah are coming and no one can do anything,” the rabbi said. “All the great scientists and the experts are helpless. Corona does not differentiate between great men or simple men. It strikes individuals as well as groups. Of course, people should exercise caution but the disease knows how to go everywhere. It struck Nasrallah (the head or Hezbollah) and the leaders of Iran.”

“In Israel, people will be sick but no one will die,” Rabbi Rosenblum said. “This entire ordeal is intended for the idolators in order to prepare the world for Messiah.”

Rabbi Rosenblum stated that the entire purpose of the coronavirus was to wake up the people of the world to serve God. 

“The rules are not logical. The government limits the size of groups to 100. Does the virus know how to count and anything less than 100 it stays away? This is God speaking to us. The world of man is going crazy and not helping anything.”

“The virus started in China but they don’t understand it. If the world wants to understand what God is trying to say through this virus, they need to come to us, the Jews in Israel.” 

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