Rashida Tlaib Displays Her One State Solution on T-Shirt: No Israel

March 11, 2020

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Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib was heavily criticized for wearing a t-shirt that entirely replaced Israel with a Palestinian state but no one should be surprised since she has long been advocating for a one-state solution.

The Twitter post was intended to promote activist Linda Sarsour’s new book, We Are Not Here To Be Bystanders.  The advertisement for the t-shirt reads: “Stand in solidarity with Palestine by wearing this beautiful Palestinian tee shirt.” The shirt features a keffiyeh, referred to in the ad as a shemagh. The keffiyeh has become a symbol of Palestinian violence targeting Jews in the guise of “Palestinian nationalism.”

Ironically, Tlaib criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu for convincing her to stop supporting a two-state solution, refusing to vote for congressional support for the creation of a Palestinian state inside Israel.

“I didn’t give it up,” she said of the two-state solution. “[Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu and his party gave it up, and the Israeli government gave it up,” she said in a Skullduggery podcast in May 2019.

Her views are shifting to the extreme and anti-Israel groups, like J-Street, who support a two-state solution and once endorsed Talib have since retracted their support.

For most people, the one-state solution is a proposed approach to resolving the Israeli–Palestinian conflict with a single state in Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, with citizenship and equal rights in the combined entity for all inhabitants of all three territories, without regard to ethnicity or religion. Some Israelis advocate another version of the one-state solution in which Israel will annex the West Bank but not the Gaza Strip and remain a Jewish state with a larger Arab minority.

It is clear that Tlaib’s concept of a one-step solution is a Palestinian state with no Jewish or Israeli influence.

Tlaib is a freshman congressman representing Michigan’s 13th congressional district. Born in Michigan to Arab immigrants from Israel, Tlaib has been accused of being anti-Israel and anti-Jewish.


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