Pence: America Stands with Israel Because of God’s Promise in Book of Genesis

March 3, 2020

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Vice President Mike Pence addressed the 2020 AIPAC conference in Washington celebrating a “relationship that has never been stronger.”

Among other things, Pence addressed the coronavirus stressing that President Trump has no greater priority than the health of the American people.

The Vice President reminded an enthusiastic audience that “America stands with Israel” as he recalled his attendance at a conference in Jerusalem commemorating the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

Pence also explained that America stands with Israel “because her cause is our cause. Her values are our values. Her fight is our fight. We stand with Israel because we believe in right over wrong, in good over evil in Liberty over tyranny.”

Pence then noted that the final reason America stands with Israel is due to a passage in the Bible saying: “And we stand with Israel because we cherish that ancient promise that Americans have always cherished throughout our history: those who bless her will be blessed”.

The vice president was referring to Genesis 12:

I will bless those who bless you (Genesis 12:3)

“The American people have always prayed for the peace of Jerusalem and so we will continue to” he added.

He also noted that Israel isn’t the problem in the Middle East before blasting the Obama administration for signing the Iran Nuclear Deal. Pence highlighted the contrast of Trump who withdrew from the “disastrous” Nuclear Deal.

Pence then compared Trump to Job saying “like the Hebrew prophet Job said America said thus far shall ye come but no further our president made the best decision in the interest of the United States and Israel but he also believed it was in the best interest of peace.”
 And said, “You may come so far and no farther (Job 38:11)
Pence then vowed that America will “never allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon.”
The Vice president also had a warning to American Jews regarding the upcoming 2020 elections saying: “the most pro-israel president in history must not be replaced by one who would be the most anti-israel president in the history of this nation.”



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