Iran Caught Selling its Citizens Fake Anti-Bacterial Spray Against CoronaVirus

March 3, 2020

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As Iran is suffering from the worst coronavirus outbreak after China, one would think that their government would take precautions against the pandemic seriously.

But that appears to be too much to ask after the Islamic Republic was caught selling its citizens air freshener disguised as an anti-bacterial spray.

One journalist, Heshmat Alavi, exposed the story of one citizen who was duped by the government ploy. Alavi showed the video on Twitter where the man says: “I purchased an anti-bacterial spray at a drug store. When I tore off the label, I saw its actually an air freshener… They’re selling air fresheners as anti-bacterial sprays. The brand belongs to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC),” the man says.”

On Sunday, Breaking Israel News reported that the government of Iran, who is especially hard-hit by the coronavirus, lead to Iran’s parliament announcing that it will stop meeting temporarily.

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