It was a Rainy Day in Jerusalem

February 26, 2020

6 min read

It was a Friday morning, the rain was pouring down, it was very windy and cold. I had to leave my house to go see the dentist for yet another appointment after a tooth extraction had gone wrong, eventually I ended up having surgery to fix everything.

It had been a couple of weeks in excruciating pain with some bad side effects, as I was heading out the door in the pouring rain I was thinking, enough is enough!! I was down and very tired.

As I entered the bus I was literally the only passenger because of the horrible weather and people were home getting ready for Shabbat, the bus driver started talking to me and he asked what I was doing in Israel.

When I told him, he literally became completely silent, he then looked into my eyes and he said, I didn’t know there were people like you, I think I’m going to light a candle for you.

He said he will go online and check out Jerusalem Jane, and now follow my work in Israel.

Meeting him touched my heart on a rainy day where I was in so much pain and that made me think about a teenager I met when I was living in a small town outside Jerusalem.

I was out walking and we met crossing the street and started talking. He looked into my eyes and asked “Why does the world hate the Jews so much, what did we ever do to them?

I felt my heart shrinking in my chest hearing those words from this Jewish teenager.

Sitting on a bench I started sharing about my love and passion for telling the truth about Israel to the world, and this young boy started tearing up thanking me and he then started sharing about his grandfather and father, both being part of a special unit in the IDF and he smiled when he said he could not wait until he was old enough to join the army and serve his nation.

What a brave and inspiring guy, touching my heart and confirming to me yet again why I believe God brought me to His nation, TO COMFORT MY PEOPLE.

When I reached the dentist and once again found myself in his chair, he took another x-ray saying, “This doesn’t look good. I’m not quite sure what to do now.” I just felt hopeless, I had been in so much pain, it was just another injury on top of many other injuries and traumas that seemed to follow my path the last few years here in Israel.

But then I remembered how I had just walked around Yad Vashem being part of a press tour and we reached the Danish display with one of the fishing boats from Denmark that brought Jews to safety in Sweden, a legacy I am proud of as a Dane, but being at Yad Vashem once again having to act professional because I am walking among journalists and diplomats from around the world, it was not easy. I had to step aside a few times just to collect myself, thinking, don’t cry.

Around 14,800 Holocaust survivors died in Israel last year, bringing the total number living in the Jewish homeland down to approximately 192,000, and these precious souls were watching the arrival of 49 delegations from around the world coming to the Jewish nation taking part in the Fifth International Holocaust Forum and remembering the liberation of Auschwitz 75 years ago.

All of these world leaders were saying, NEVER AGAIN but then they have the audacity to tell Israel where to build and not build, and at the same time the President of France, Russia, the Prince of Wales and the general leader of Australia had dinner with the Israeli president, they spoke at the event at the Holocaust museum showing solidarity with the Jewish State but they then go and meet and hug Abu Mazen, the guy who welcomes all the Jewish blood spilled in Jerusalem. What can you do but shake your head.

I bet not one of them had the guts or dared to ask Abu Mazen: “Show me the map of the two-state solution you keep talking about that you support, why is it that the PLO, Fatah, and Hamas Muslim Brotherhood logos ALL have 100% of Israel on them turned into Palestine? Why is it you pay the Arabs to murder the Jews?

Abu Mazen and the Arabs never wanted a two-state solution, the mayor of the Arab town, Anabta was forced to resign after he attended a conference in Tel Aviv supporting the two state-solution.

I think about the failing United Nations who has been taken over by many Arab countries who have a deep hate towards Israel and how they just released a list of companies doing business in the biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria, completely demonizing all the Jewish people who have settled in the land that God called them to settle.

I think about all the broken hearts and tears of families in Israel that have been ripped apart from heinous terror attacks, I have been to the funerals of these victims simply having to look away because the deep despair of these mothers is cutting through my heart and soul.  And yet the world still seems to demonize the victims, demonizing the Jewish people saying, they are only to be blamed for being killed because they are living in the biblical heartland, the place where the world has lost all common sense and believe the lie of occupation.

I think about how it’s not safe for the Jewish people to be driving on the roads in Judea and Samaria because Muslim children have been brainwashed into believing the Jewish people are enemies, so you go and kill them wherever you find them.

Brainwashed from books used in UNRWA schools that the world have been funding with billions of dollars over the years, and that’s why we see Arab children and teenagers stoning Jewish vehicles, and only by God’s miracle have we not had hundreds of people being murdered that way.  Or they are throwing fire bombs at IDF soldiers as we just saw happened to a soldier in Hevron, simply horrifying.

I was thinking about how so many nations are talking about occupation and boycotting Israeli products, but at the same time they wouldn’t even be able to live without all the things that have been invented in Israel that they are using every day. Are they willing to give them up? No, what a bunch of hypocrites.

Yes, a lot of things were going through my mind that Friday morning lying in the dentist chair listening to the rain pouring down in Jerusalem and I thought: “Jane, you can never get weary or tired or too exhausted no matter what comes your way, because someone has to stand up and speak the truth about Israel and come against all these lies.”  The truth is that the Jewish people are home in their God-given Nation and it is such a blessing to the whole world, and the truth is you cannot occupy what you own.

As I’m sitting typing up this new blog, rockets are once again pounding down in Israel for the second day, fired from terrorists inside the Gaza strip, the red alert app on my phone keeps going off.

Only because people were instructed to keep their children home from kindergarten, did we not have a complete massacre of Jewish children when one rocket slammed down in a kindergarten today.

All the people who are criticizing Israel, telling them to show restraint, how dare you? Why don’t you take your family and move into the Jewish community near the Gaza border and stay for just one month, I bet your family and especially your children will be traumatized.

No one knows the hell these dear souls living in that area have to go through when rockets are flying in again, and you have to grab your kids and run for shelter only having 10 seconds before impact.

My heart and support is with all of you.

Despite all of the rocket attacks, the lies, hate, the indictment and propaganda, everything that Israel is facing every day, this tiny little nation that was singled out amongst all nations is a powerhouse, one big miracle, and I am beyond blessed to wake up in Jerusalem.

Literally everywhere you go in Jerusalem, you run into a construction site, because nothing can keep this city or the nation of Israel down. This is a nation in mighty progress, and everything that goes on here eventually turns out to be a blessing for the rest of the world.

And now the world is facing an common enemy called coronavirus which is just awful, I would not be surprised if the breakthrough for a cure or treatment will come out of Israel, once again helping the entire world, something we see over and over again.

I’ll end by saying to all the Jewish people living in Israel, GO VOTE next week. Please don’t stay home because you are tired of this whole situation, you can only change things by getting active, vote to make a stronger Israel standing up for her people in the best way possible and not letting the world dictate what Israel should do. You don't have to ask anyone permission to do what you want in your own nation.

You decide, go vote for a powerful Israel…

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