Hezbollah Leader’s Calls to Boycott American Goods Instantly Backfires

February 20, 2020

2 min read

As if Lebanon’s economy wasn’t hurting enough, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah called on his countrymen to boycott U.S goods in a speech on Monday reports the Jpost.

Nasrallah called for the formation of a worldwide “united resistance front” against the US and urged an economic boycott against U.S products as a “new weapon”. He justified it by claiming that America’s “point of weakness is its economy.”

However, his hypocrisy was instantly exposed on social media after a tweet went viral of his son wearing a Timberland shirt. Timberland is an American company.

Despite being caught red-handed, Hassan Nasrallah’s son, Jawad claimed that he “doesn’t but American products” adding that he plans on selling his iPhone.

Twitter user Cynthia Karam vowed to snitch on any member of the terrorist organization with an IOS device saying: “If I see any Hezbollah member carrying an iPhone, I will complain about him to Nasrallah”.

Another Twitter user took it a step further facetiously suggesting Nassrallah replace US tech companies with the following Chinese counterparts:

Other commenters came with more dire warnings including Iraqi-Lebanese writer Hussain Abdul-Hussain who noted that the state of Lebanon’s bleeding economy puts them in no position to encourage boycotts of economic superpowers like America.

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