‘Israel’s Reaction to Trump Deal Mirrors Book of Ezra Right Before Temple Construction’ Yehuda Glick says

January 30, 2020

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Rabbi Yehudah Glick, founder of the Shalom Jerusalem Foundation, reacted to U.S President Donald Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ comparing the mixed reactions of the nation of Israel to that of the Jewish people during the days of the Prophet Ezra. The Jerusalem-based rabbi focused on one passage in the book which took place immediately following the laying of the foundation of the Second Temple.

Glick began his video address by expressing his gratitude to the U.S President who: “recognizes the right of the Jewish people to implement the Israeli law on the Jewish settlements and all over Judea and Samaria.” Glick didn’t forget to thank God as well adding that Wednesday was: “another one of those days that you see the hands of the Lord guiding history and pulling the strings”.

Glick then lauded Trump’s speech which recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s united capital adding that it “definitely demand us to bless him.”
The Rabbi then addressed concerns regarding the Deal of the Century saying “I know that some of you and some of us and me myself are disturbed by different parts that are not yet complete.”
He reminded his audience how those same mixed reactions happened right as the Jewish people bore witness to the laying of the foundation of the Second Temple by reading from the Book of Ezra which states:
Many of the Kohanim and Leviim and the chiefs of the clans, the old men who had seen the first house, wept loudly at the sight of the founding of this house. Many others shouted joyously at the top of their voices. The people could not distinguish the shouts of joy from the people’s weeping, for the people raised a great shout, the sound of which could be heard from afar. (Ezra 3:12-13)
 Glick went on to explain that just as some ‘wept loudly’ while at the same time others yelled ‘shouts of joy’ , the nation couldn’t “tell the difference between the voices of the shouting of happiness and the voices of the nation crying.”
The rabbi, who survived a 2014 assassination attempt, reiterated that “we are in the process – yes we are in the process of redemption and in the process of redemption as we study in Psalms 126 which states:

our mouths shall be filled with laughter, our tongues, with songs of joy. Then shall they say among the nations, “Hashem has done great things for them!” (Psalm 126:2)

“There are tears and there’s joy but every single step in the process demands us to thank God for that step” Glick added.
Glick summarized his message by reading from the Book of Hagai “who followed with prophecy these days of the building of the temple in time of Cyrus.”
And ChagaiHashem‘s messenger, fulfilling Hashem‘s mission, spoke to the people, “I am with you—declares Hashem.” (Haggai 1:13)
The rabbi concluded he address by reminding his audience that we are in the process of redemption saying: “We are sure that the redemption process that we are witnessing today will continue.” He then again, expressed gratitude towards Trump and Netanyahu saying: “and yes we are praising God for the cooperation between the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and the president the United States President Donald Trump.”

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