God’s Fury Unleashed as ICE, FBI, DOJ, and Dept. of Education Called in to Investigate Ilhan Omar

January 17, 2020

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It was announced that notoriously anti-Semitic and anti-Israel Rep.Ilhan Omar will be the focus of multiple investigations by  FBI, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and the Department of Education.

Investigative reporter David Steinberg has been uncovering disturbing information about the freshman congressman since before she was elected. Last month, he reported that the Department of Justice assigned a Special Agent in Charge (SAC) to investigate several possible felonies Omar was suspected of committing. The SAC concluded that the wide range of suspected criminal activity may lead to investigations by other branches of the federal departments. Steinberg reported on Thursday in the Blaze that the investigations have indeed been expanded to include at least the Department of Education and ICE.

The Department of Education is investigating claims that Omar married a citizen of the United Kingdom in 2009 in order to commit fraud in acquiring a federal student loan. Directly after getting married, Omar enrolled in  North Dakota State University in August 2009, receiving a degree in June 2011. Immediately upon graduating, Omar permanently separated from her husband. According to address records, and a statement from Omar herself, she was still living with her first husband and their two children throughout this second marriage.

In 2017, Omar filed for divorce, submitting a nine-question form to the court attesting to having lost all contact with her the husband she married during her time in University. In her signed testimony, she claimed to have lost all contact with him in June 2011. Based on evidence from social media and an interview with that husband, it now seems clear that Omar perjured herself in eight out f nine of her answers given to the court. Each instance of perjury in Minnesota can receive a sentence of five years.

Steinberg claims that “the only man on Earth with the same name and birthdate as Omar’s ex-husband ” was raised in the same home as Omar’s sister, seeming to indicate that he was, in fact, Omar’s brother.

It should be noted that sexual sins were particularly detested in the Bible.

 Cursed be he who lies with his sister, whether daughter of his father or of his mother.—And all the people shall say, Amen. Deuteronomy 27:22

“Concurrently — in August 2016 — Minnesota reporters Scott Johnson and Preya Samsundar were publishing extensive, verified, still-unchallenged evidence implicating Rep. Omar in multiple felonies,” Steinberg wrote. “Their exponentially more substantial evidence was ignored by the Democratic Party and supportive media. Their evidence was even ignored by law enforcement, per an extraordinary public dismissal shortly before Omar’s 2016 election to the Minnesota House of Representatives.”

Omar’s marital history is indeed incredibly convoluted. The Minnesota Star Tribune  reported the following timeline of Omar’s marital history:

  • 1982: Ilhan Omar is born in Somalia, the youngest of seven children.

  • 1997: Omar, still a teenager, settles in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis after fleeing Somalia’s civil war with her family and spending four years in a refugee camp in Kenya.

  • 2002: Omar, now 19, marries Ahmed Hirsi, 22, in their “faith tradition” in Minnesota, but they don’t legally marry.

  • 2008: Omar and Hirsi, now the parents of two children, reach an “impasse in our life together” and divorce in their faith tradition.

  • 2009: Omar, at 26, marries Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, 23, whom she identifies only as a “British citizen.” School records show he attended high school in St. Paul and studied art at North Dakota State University.

  • 2011: Omar and Elmi end their relationship and divorce in their faith tradition, but do not legally divorce until 2017.

  • 2012: Omar and Hirsi reconcile and have a third child together.

  • 2014–15: Omar files joint tax returns with Hirsi, though they are not yet legally married; she remains legally married to Elmi.

  • 2016: Omar, endorsed by the DFL over longtime incumbent Phyllis Kahn, is elected to the Minnesota House, becoming the first Somali-American, Muslim legislator in the United States. But her campaign is rocked by allegations in a Somali news forum and the conservative Power Line blog suggesting that Elmi is her brother and they married for unspecified immigration benefits.

  • 2017: Omar is granted a legal divorce from Elmi.

  • 2018: Omar legally marries Hirsi and is elected to Congress.

Relating to the sanctity of marriage in a frivolous manner is described in the Bible as having national implications.

Indeed, the land was defiled by her casual immorality, as she committed adultery with stone and with wood. Jeremiah 3:9

Steinberg maintains that Omar has gotten a free pass until now with many credible claims against her being ignored or buried. Omar has officially denied all allegations without offering any explanations.

The Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board found in June of last year that Omar had misspent thousands of dollars in campaign cash while she served in the Minnesota state legislature. She was ordered to pay back $3,469.23, plus a $500 civil penalty.

The expansion of the investigation to include ICE is ironic since Omar has been critical of the enforcement agency protecting American borders, going so far as to call for it to be abolished.

At the trial of Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad al-Thani in Florida in November, Alan Bender, a Kuwait-born Canadian businessman, testified in a video deposition that Omar was paid by Qatar to be their asset operating within the U.S. government. That allegation has yet to be investigated.

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