Israeli Intelligence Helped Kill Soleimani: Report

January 12, 2020

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Israel’s intelligence located and tracked former IRGC head Qassam Soleimani right before he was eliminated in a US drone strike reports NBC News.

The CIA knew precisely when Soleimani’s jet was traveling as it departed for Iraq. Israel’s intelligence confirmed this information to their American counterparts on January 3, the night of the drone strike.

The information provided by Israel’s Mossad helped confirm intelligence provided by informants at a Syrian airport. The information confirmed that Soleimani was on a nighttime flight from Damascus to Baghdad, according to the report. It quoted two separate sources with intimate knowledge of the assassination as well as other American officials that were briefed.

The report also adds that the only world leader who likely had prior information of the strike before it took place as Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who spoke with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo before the attack took place.

Pompeo reportedly called Netanyahu on January 1, to express his appreciation for Jerusalem’s help in efforts to combat Iran and following the attack on the US embassy in Baghdad.

Prior to his departure for Greece the following morning, Netanyahu alluded to “very, very dramatic things” happening in the region.

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