Al-Jazeera Survey Reveals: After Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut, Muslims Don’t Want Iran to “Liberate” Jerusalem

January 9, 2020

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Iran often likes to tout its ambitions to “liberate” Jerusalem. But one brave Muslim journalist decided to put their national mission to the test.

Al Jazeera reporter Faisal Al-Qasim, hosted Iranian diplomat Tamir Musawi in an interview. During the back-and-forth, Al-Qasim grilled Musawi and pressed his guest by hypothetically asking what the Islamic regime plans on doing once it “liberates” Jerusalem.

But the question was somewhat of trap as the host revealed that after the disasters that Tehran caused in cities like Baghdad, Damascus, and Beirut, those surveyed by the Al-Jazeera would rather Iran not get their hands on Jerusalem.

Al-Qasim: You want to liberate Jerusalem?

 Musawi: One minute

Al-Qasim: You want to liberate Jerusalem right?

Musawi: Yes

Al-Qasim: What do you want to do with Jerusalem? Do you want to add them to the list? What list am I referring to – If after you “liberate” Jerusalem, will it turn into Baghdad – the world’s most divided city? Those aren’t my words, the dirtiest city in the world. Will it be like Beirut – a city that turned into the biggest garbage dump in the Middle East? Will you turn it into Damascus? a city where people are dying of starvation? Will you turn it into the Houthi run Yemen? The Arabic people are telling you: You want to liberate Jerusalem? We don’t want you to liberate her! I conducted a survey yesterday. No one wants you to liberate Jerusalem or Palestine.

The exchange begins at the 20:55 mark in the video below:


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