Open letter to UNITAS

January 8, 2020

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An open letter to:

Danish Travel Agency, UNITAS
Glarmestervej 20A
DK 8600 Silkeborg

Shalom from Jerusalem,

Going through your webpage, it’s wonderful to see how you offer amazing trips to Israel, literally walking in the footsteps of Jesus, in order to help people truly understand how the Bible is true, that Israel is the land of the Bible, that Israel’s history is written in the Bible, in God’s word, and that the Jewish people are God’s chosen people. As Bible believing Christians we all love and stand with Israel.

We know salvation comes from the Jews and for that reason they have been killed throughout history. Today with Anti-Semitism exploding all over the world, it has led up to numerous attacks on the Jewish people, including the desecration of a Jewish graveyard in Denmark just last year.

Today, an Arab terrorist was convicted of the brutal murder of my friend, Ari Fuld, a Jewish husband and father of four, killed in cold blood while grocery shopping, whose only crime was being Jewish and living in the Biblical heartland of Judea.

Our hearts have been broken over and over again as we continually have to bury another murdered Jew. Someone’s daughter, son, father, mother or grandparent. Even worse is that the killer is hailed as a martyr and paid millions of dollars from Fatah, the ruling party led by Abu Mazen, and the world looks on in silence.

Thousands of Jewish families are ripped apart by Muslim terrorism. If we as Christians, who have our faith and the Bible because of Israel, don’t stand up for the Jews, then who will?

I was very sad and could not believe it when I read about your trips to “Marathon in Palestine“ and to be “an observer in Palestine”

It is impossible to acknowledge God’s promises to Israel and the Jewish people, and God’s eternal covenant with the Jewish people, if you provide tours reportedly showing the “Occupation of Palestine” which goes against everything that is true.

It seems as if you are unaware that God brought back the Jewish people to the land He promised them. There has never been a “Arab Palestinian” state, Israel liberated these areas that were occupied by foreign armies in 1967.

It is absolutely shocking that you as part of KFUM will side with this evil lie of occupation and Nakba day, and by doing so, justify the killing of innocent Jews.

On one of your trips to Israel, you have included a visit to the grave of the “Iconic” leader, Yasser Arafat. You cant be serious..

Are you even aware of how much Jewish blood he had on his hands? He was behind the lie of the “occupation”, he was part of the PLO, the Muslim Brotherhood and Fatah, an organization that doesn’t even recognize Israel’s right to exist. The extreme lack of knowledge that you have shown by arranging trips to “Palestine”, and taking part in Palestinian propaganda against Israel is appalling.

Last year in Judea and Samaria there were 2,370 terror attacks against the Jewish people by Arab terrorists. It literally happens every day in one form or another. Just today three people were injured when a group of Arabs threw stones at a bus in Samaria. Among the injured was a girl who was hit in the face and the bus driver who was injured in the lower body. This was intended to be a major disaster of dead Jews!

Just a few days ago, Israel’s “peace partners” in Fatah held a parade in Bethlehem with men, women and children carrying automatic rifles and large posters celebrating terrorists such as Abu Jihad, who murdered 125 Israelis, and Dalal Mughrabi, who orchestrated the murders of 37 Israeli civilians, including 12 children.

Same Palestinians that clams “Jesus was a Palestinian Martyr” Simply appalling..

Instead of sending observers to “Palestine”  you should send observers to help and guard the Jewish people being stoned and attacked moving around in Judea & Samaria on a daily basis!

By calling this area the occupied “West Bank” and demonizing “settlers” who are in fact just Jews living in their Biblical homeland, you are contributing to this hatred. The only real occupation is in the Arab controlled cities where Jews are not allowed and risk their lives if they dare to enter. The PA leaders are corrupt, Arafat died a multi millionaire, Abu Mazen has a net worth of 100 million dollars, money they have take from their own people.

I hope that I have opened your eyes for things you did not know before. I am sending this letter with a warm heart as a Dane living in Israel to you great people in Denmark, I just want to help so you side with the truth and discontinue any trip that goes to the fabricated “Palestine” and stop promoting the “occupation” lie.

Don’t ruin or shame the good reputation that Denmark has in Israel from helping the Jewish people during the Holocaust by siding with the lie that is meant to strip them from their God given land.

May I suggest that you create a trip for people to come to Israel to bless the Israeli soldiers, Holocaust survivors, the elderly, survivors of terrorist attacks, or family members who have lost a child to terror. Or go to the communities along the Gaza border that is deeply traumatized from 1900 rockets flying last year alone from the terrorists inside Gaza, your love and encouragements would mean so much.

The list is endless of ways you can bless the Jewish people as God commanded us. I would gladly connect you to amazing people that can help you planning that.

One thing is for sure, we will all meet our maker and be judged on our stand with Israel and Gods people. He might just ask you where in His word it is written that Israel is occupying the land He gave to the Jewish people?

I have written this letter to you in English as an open letter that also goes out on my blog on Breaking Israel News to the whole world because facts matter, truth matters and history matters.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and Im sending blessings from Israel.

Jane Kiel
Jerusalem Jane

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