Rep Dan Crenshaw on Hanukkah: Unlike Maccabees, Jews No Longer Fighting Alone

December 24, 2019

2 min read

US congressman Dan Crenshaw (R, TX) showed his solidarity with the Jewish people on the holiday of Hanukkah with a series of tweets. The former Navy Seal explained how during the times of the Maccabees, the Jews battled the Greeks all by themselves. But now Crenshaw says times are different. That’s because according to him, today is different explaining that he is united with the Jews in their fight against antisemitism worldwide.

On Monday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also sent Hanukkah greetings to British Jews with similar sentiments saying: “when the Maccabees drove the forces of darkness out of Jerusalem, they had to do so on their own. Today as Britain’s Jews seek to drive back the darkness of resurgent anti-semitism, you have every decent person in this country fighting by your side.”

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