The Only Way to Combat Antisemitism on College Campuses is to Fight…Dirty

December 13, 2019

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This week, President Trump signed an executive order making federal funding to universities contingent upon those institutions of higher education protecting their Jewish coeds. This is certainly a welcome and unprecedented decision that demonstrates, once again, that Trump is the most pro-Jewish (and pro-Israel) president in American history. 

Bursting the bubble

But as appreciated as this bill is, the sad reality is that it probably won’t move the needle. That’s because any funds that the US government withholds will likely be matched by the very deep pockets that fund these anti-Israel movements to begin with. For example, since 2012, Qatar alone has given over $1 billion to universities in the US according to a report cited by the Clarion project. The report also showed that during that time period, over $10 billion has been funneled into US colleges by foreign entities (many of them are not exactly Israel’s allies). Even the “cash strapped” Palestinian Authority donated $1 million to Harvard. 

So how can a Jew beat the antisemitism on campus? Before I reveal the answer, it’s important to first acknowledge that what has been done until now, hasn’t been working.

What am I referring to? 

Last month, IACT (Inspired, Active, Committed, Transformed) held its first “Anti-Antisemitism on Campus Today Student Leadership Assembly” in Pittsburgh. During the conference, a slew of antisemitism “experts” addressed the crowd of 300 disturbed Jewish college students from across the US to help them “combat antisemitism” on campus.

But most of their advice was exceedingly vague or flat out useless, to say the least. For example, keynote speaker Rachel Fish, executive director of the Foundation to Combat Anti-Semitism, told the captive audience that “you just need a small group committed to pursue the truth”.

Their “Solution”

Therefore, IACT  announced the launching of a social media campaign “where students are not only telling and sharing their own stories and their challenges as they relate to anti-Antisemitism and anti-Israel activity, but also how they are addressing it,” says IACT’S vice president Cheryl Aronson.

Wait just a minute here!

What do you mean “how they’re addressing it”?. The IACT is supposed to address it! aFAftr all, they’re the”antisemitism experts”…right? You mean to tell me you had hundreds of Jewish college students fly out to a conference in Pittsburgh just to outsource the solution to antisemitism on campus?!

This lazy approach to the Campus Jihad is about par for the course. I have even seen students trying to appease their enemies by claiming to be both “pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian”. Can their be a more confusing message? That’s like saying I’m Pro-Jew, but also pro-Nazi. Hillel at UPenn had an intersting approach. They thought it would be a good idea to host a joint event with the SJP where they invited a radical left-wing Israeli who is about as Zionist as Arafat. After all, if you can’t beat em. join em right?

How to actually beat campus antisemitism 

Here’s the deal – The best way to beat the anti-Israel forces on campus is to fight…dirty. What do I mean by that? Let’s put it this way – If the Jewish Defense League (JDL) was running Hillel on campus, no Jew would feel unsafe to express their views….ever.

Beating them at their own game

Jewish students on campus need to beat the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at their own game. Did they send one of their cronies to shout down an Israeli speaker? Great, we shout down two of their speakers in return. Give them no peace until they agree to either civilized dialogue or to leave the Jewish students alone.

All the conferences on “combating hate” have failed. The people leading these seminars just don’t understand the nature of their enemy. “Telling your story” is meaningless if there’s no one there to listen. But if you bring a megaphone to the next terrorist sympathizer lecturing at your university, they’ll listen. They’ll have no choice. And if they erect a mock IDF checkpoint, set up a stand plastered with pictures of the founding father of the ‘Palestinian’ movement  Haj Amin Al Husseini with Hitler right next to them. They’ll listen.  They’ll have no choice.

In this world, no one cares what you have to say unless you’re willing to express it without fear of intimidation or violence.

Fight or Flight

But if you are afraid, if the intimidation on campus is too overwhelming, you have two options: Either don’t go to that particular school or don’t go to college at all. Learn a trade. It’ll save you money and who knows?…You might even learn something practical and perhaps enjoy better career promise than a degree in gender studies.



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