[WATCH] Pro-Palestinian Rally in New York City Promises Violent Riots on Every College Campus

December 3, 2019

2 min read

At a rally in Times Square, BDS activists called to perpetrate an intifada, usually used to describe violence and terrorism, on all the college campuses in America in what is becoming a common rally cry for the movement.

On November 15, 2019, a pro-Gaza rally was held at Times Square in New York, NY. Nerdeen Kiswani of an organization called Within Our Lifetime led a chant that went: “There is only one solution: Intifada, revolution!” Intifada is a euphemism for violent riots as seen in Arab areas of Israel.

Husam Kaid of the City College New York branch of Students for Justice in Palestine, echoed, “There is only one solution: Intifada, revolution!” He shouted, “The intifada does not have to be in Gaza or Palestine! We’re going to have an intifada in every classroom! We are going to have an intifada on every college campus! We are going to shut down all the Zionist events and start an Intifada everywhere!”

Sayel Kayed, a pro-BDS activist belonging to American Muslims for Palestine, yelled, “‘Does Israel have a right to exist?’ No! Israel has no right to exist on Palestinian land…Palestine is all of Palestine—from the river to the sea.”

“Are we going to join the struggle?” Kayed yelled out.

The crowd answered a resounding, “Yes!”

“When Palestine resists, is that terrorism?” Kayed yelled, receiving a resounding, “No!” as an answer. 

This is not the first time BDS activists called to bring the intifada. Speakers at an al Quds Day rally at Times Square in May rejected the two-state solution that would create an unprecedented Palestinian state inside of Israel ethnically cleansed of Jews. It is assumed that the intention is for the Jewish State to coexist next to the Palestinian State though no Palestinian leader has ever agreed to this condition. 

At the rally, one activist declared, “We want all of it! Because every inch – from the river to the sea – is Palestine! Israel does not exist! It has not existed, it does not exist, and it will never exist! There is only Palestine!”

“Globalize the intifada!” the crowd chanted. Globalize the intifada! From New York to Gaza!”

‘Intifada’ literally means “shaking off, uprising, insurrection” and though it does not necessarily mean a violent uprising it has entered into the vernacular as describing Arab violence targeting Jewish Israelis. The first Intifada began in 1987, escalating from rock-throwing to suicide-bombings on public busses and public spaces, car-ramming attacks, stabbings, shootings, and fire-bombs.





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