Mystical Rabbi: Netanyahu’s Indictment is God’s Punishment for Refusing to Destroy Hamas

November 27, 2019

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Orthodox rabbinic scholar Rabbi Mendel Kessin has been speaking unusually frequently of late, commenting on the spiritual significance of world events connected to Israel. In a talk entitled “The Worldwide Reduction of Evil and Netanyahu’s Downfall,” given just a few days ago, Kessin made four significant points. 

It’s Not Just Happening In Israel

First, Kessin made the case that the disruption is not just the US, with impeachment proceedings against President Trump and in Israel, with indictments against Prime Minister Netanyahu. Rather, he notes that countries all over the world are in crisis. Hong Kong is fighting China. Major riots are happening in Chile. There is unrest in Bolivia and Venezuela, as well as chaos in Arab countries, including Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan.

“The whole Arab world is collapsing. In many ways, that’s chesed (kindness),” Kessin said, quoting a verse from the Book of Isaiah.

For a little while, I forsook you, But with vast love, I will bring you back. Isaiah 54:7

“That means that in the end of time, the redemption will happen with incredible mercy. And we’re watching that the Arab world, the enemies of Israel, they are all collapsing by themselves, internally. God, when He wants, can destroy a country internally. He doesn’t have to have a war.

“You have a lot of different rebellions against the government because people are beginning to see how much corruption there is. It’s almost like there is some type of a spirit sweeping mankind, a spirit that God gives to the world when He wants to change it.”

Then he explained to me as follows: “This is the word of Hashem to Zerubavel: Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit—said the lord of Hosts. Zechariah 4:6“He enables people to see the truth and he gives them the courage to overthrow the dictators that are tremendously evil,” Kessin explained.

Focus On Israel

Continuing his analysis, Kessin turned his attention to Israel.

“What we’re watching in Israel is historical,” he said. “These things have never happened before. Two elections, both of which failed. It’s almost like God is saying to them, ‘Listen, you can have all the elections you want, but you’re not going to have a government. The Erev Rav’s (mixed multitudes) ability to dominate the Jewish people is over.

“That has tremendous repercussions for the redemption,” Kessin hinted to a theme he returned to later in this talk.

Netanyahu’s Punishment

The rabbi explicated how Netanyahu’s current woes are a form of Divine punishment.

“Even if God doesn’t want Netanyahu to be Prime Minister, why is He punishing him?” Kessin asked. “There’s something wrong here. Even if you don’t want the Erev Rav to continue, why destroy Netanyahu? It’s clearly a Divine decree. But why do that? In many ways, Netanyahu has done a tremendous amount of good for the Jewish people.”

He went on to detail the different levels of anguish that Prime Minister Netanyahu is currently undergoing.

“There is enormous humiliation of being indicted. He’s now an indicted sitting Prime Minister. He’s considered one of the greatest statesmen in the world, and now, when he goes anywhere in the world, he’s going to be looked at [as being] criminally indicted by [his] own Attorney General. He’s going to be embarrassed and humiliated in front of the entire world. His legacy is threatened.

“And money! Do you know what it costs to hire lawyers? It’s going to cost him a fortune. That’s a terrible punishment.

“He could be convicted and sent to jail. And the Likud has to drop him.

“What did he do that deserves such horrendous treatment? Why is God allowing this to happen?”

Kessin emphasized that Netanyahu’s chief failing was not destroying Hamas’ ability to terrorize Israeli citizens, especially while he had President Trump’s backing.

Kessin claimed that Netanyahu failed to protect the people in the south of Israel who are subject to constant rocket fire from Gaza and who have suffered the loss of millions of dollars of property damage from the balloons from Gaza. He asked plainly why Netanyahu has not protected Israeli citizens against the Gazan aggression. “How can a Prime Minister allow this fear, property damage, and death?” he questioned.

Claiming Netanyahu has blood on his hands, Kessin said that God has been waiting for the right moment to punish him. “We don’t know why now. God said, ‘It’s over. You will be punished severely. Not only will you be made a failed politician, but I’m going to take you out with utter humiliation, in front of the entire world.

“How many years went by and the amount of agony that Jewish people went through because he fundamentally did not do his job?” Kessin accused.

An Optimistic Future

Despite the harshness of his presentation, Kessin ended this portion of his analysis on an optimistic note. “All these things are historical and miraculous,” he reminded his listeners. “We’re not looking here at teva, natural order. We’re looking at nisim [miracles]. These are miracles. No coalition once? No coalition twice?

“Why? Because fundamentally, I believe that this is the end of the Erev Rav, and the next government will be the beginning, in many ways, of the redemption, the rehabilitation. Somehow, things will change,” he concluded.

Kessin has openly predicted that Gideon Sa’ar, a religious member of Netanyau’s Likud party, will succeed in forming a coalition and will become Israel’s next Prime Minister. 

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