This 100% Blind Israeli Man has a Seeing-Eye Dog and Five Kids to Feed

December 4, 2019

3 min read

Have you ever imagined that you were blind? I don’t just mean “legally blind” but 100% blind and you needed a seeing-eye dog just to get around. Now imagine living in that horrid state with five small children and a wife to provide for at home. Unimaginable right? (I have 20/20 vision and can barely handle two children).

What you just imagined is the day-to-day life of an Israeli named Nachshon.

Nachshon is 100% blind. He walks with a seeing-eye dog and has five small children ranging from 5-12 years old. They live in a town near Haifa called Kiryat Yam.

What’s interesting about Nachshon is that if he wanted to, he could stay at home and collect benefits from the government. But Nachshon is cut from a different cloth. That’s why every day, he goes to work for an organization that…helps blind people!

Good for him right?… Well, there is one little problem – his employer only pays him 1,064 Shekels ($307) a month.

For those of you unfamiliar with Israel’s economy, no one can support themselves let alone a family of five young children on such a tight budget.

This daunting reality compelled his wife to work as a care-taker. But she only earns 2,091 ($604)Shekel. Their combined 911 still nowhere near enough to support such a big family.

This is where you can enter the picture. That’s because the Colel Chabad organization provides Nachshon, his wife and all their five children with all the food they need. These angels provide him with a gift certificate of 240 Shekel ($70) to buy food with. They also provide him with massive crates of food every month ensuring that his family not only doesn’t starve, but receives satisfactory meals. The total cost for Colel Chabad is 3,155 NIS ($500 ) per month.

As you probably gathered, the organization is able to operate thanks to generous donations. But just as Nachshon wonders where his next meal will come from (if he gets one at all), so too does Colel Chabad wonder where tomorrow’s donations will come from.

Miraculously, God has until this point intervened and ensured that the organization got the tithings that they need. The only question that remains is – what role will you play? Will you be the one to help ensure that Nachshon’s family eats tomorrow?

Now is your chance to help Nachshon. As Nachshon himself said: “All help is vital, especially for me whether it’s worth 100 Shekels or 500 Shekels,” he said. “We want that people continue helping us”.

Please consider giving to this amazing cause. Your generosity can help a blind family man in Israel experience more than just a meal. He can experience something just as valuable – dignity.

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Don’t wait. Give what you can. Feed an Israeli family in need. Donate to Colel Chabad today.

By the way: One interesting thing about the name Nachshon – In the Bible, Nachshon was the first Israelite to enter the Red Sea before it split. He entered the water until it came up to his nose – almost as if he couldn’t see that he was walking into the depths of an ocean. But he didn’t need to see with his eyes. That’s because he used his sense of feel to feel the faith of God running through his veins.


A little blind faith goes a long way. Contribute what you can to this important cause.

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